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Late Repair + Damaged

I recently sent in a gaming laptop for repair back in January. The repair was for a screen repair covered under Total Tech although I still had to pay the service fee. The initial repair process was pretty fast, and I received constant updates through the app notifying me of the status of my laptop.


Eventually, the updates on my laptop stopped, the last update being on the 4th of February. This was the date it was shipped from the repair center back to the store for pick up. I decided to be patient and waited a bit, and no updates were given. I decided on the 17th to call customer service, and they told me that my laptop had arrived at the store on the 8th of February, ready for pickup. The technicians at the store were just letting my laptop sit there for 10 extra days, already repaired, and not giving any contact or information to come and pick it up. I guess when they estimate 4-6 weeks for repair, and it arrives earlier than expected, they still wait until the 6th week to contact?


So, I go to the store on the 18th and pick up my laptop. The new screen is all good and working fine, except the left side of my laptop near the USB port is cracked, displacing the ports. It looks as if it was either dropped or cracked while trying to put it back together after repair. 


I am completely dissatisfied with this repair. I would have been fine with the "delay" in pick-up knowing that my laptop would be in good care, but having it returned with signs of further damage in another area is extremely frustrating.

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Re: Late Repair + Damaged

Greetings, Jben2022, 


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums. 


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing the story of your recent experience with your repair. I'm share your disappointment and saddened that you did not receive exemplary service. Please send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and the Geek Squad Service Order number so that I can look into this further. 


Kind regards,

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