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In September of 2017, I bought an HP Omen laptop for $ 980 and paid a guarantee of 300 dollars plus 89.60 of tax, in total 1369.58 dollars. In December 2018 began to give problems the charger and take it to the store, there they found that the charger was not useful and as they did not have in stock, requested one that I would arrive by mail on January 3, 2019, but what I received It was an email saying that they did not have the charger, that I had to buy it and send them the receipt for a refund.
No idea what kind of cable, voltage etc ... I had to return to the store to find a solution. The only solution they could give me was to return the money from the laptop because Best Buy could not supply me with a charger.
They gave me a credit card from the store for the value of the computer, but they did not return the guarantee because they tell me that when a "full refund" is made, the guarantee is lost.

I ask:
- I have to lose 300 dollars of guarantee of a team that I did not intend to deliver and I had to do it because Best Buy could not provide me with a charger?
-If Best Buy had supplied me with the charger, would I have lost the guarantee?
-If I do not accept the refund as a solution. Why do I want a laptop without a charger?

1- It was never my intention to deliver a laptop that was in very good condition.
2- When I bought the laptop I was not told that if the store did not have the product I had to buy it and send them the receipt for a refund.
3- I had to buy a USB, which I do not need, because I had to recover the information that was on the laptop.
4- Buy another computer and another warranty that same day in the store and they tell me that I should arrive on January 8 and what I get is a message saying, that they do not have the computer in stock, that if the 7th of February I got it canceled the purchase.
Today I spent most of the day calling Best Buy and what I have received are call transfers from one department to another. I have had to repeat my story more than 7 times and each time I speak with a representative it gives me a different answer.

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Re: Laptop

Personally I think you were very fortunate that you did purchase the gurantee.  If you had not you would have nothing right. But now you have the means to purchase a new computer.


Stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. do not kep spare external power supplies. 

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Re: Laptop

Hi bibigd,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I’m sorry for the poor experience you had with your recent service under your Geek Squad protection plan.


Under the Terms & Conditions of that plan, when a computer is replaced, the plan will be considered fulfilled. When a part is replaced, the plan is not fulfilled, but it is when the entire product is.


If the store has already exchanged the computer, that plan would no longer be active. In the event that a part is not available through us, we will instead reimburse you for the cost of that part if you buy it yourself. The folks at the store should have attempted to help you locate a charger to order, however. I’m sorry that they did not.


I see that you also sent in a private message regarding this. I’ll shortly be sending you a reply to that message to follow up with you on the other concerns you had.



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