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Laptop Repair

On Thursday, May 16th, I took my laptop to my local Best Buy to get it fixed. The place where I plug my charger in to my laptop was not working and I was not able to charge my laptop. I couldn't even keep it charged long enough to move everything off of my laptop on to a thumb drive. I was assured that it was still under warranty and that it would not cost me anything to get it fixed. I was told that they had to ship my laptop off to be fixed. 

On Friday, May 24th, I went to the Best Buy website to track the repair of my laptop. It said that my laptop was fixed and ready to be picked up. So I went to my local Best Buy and I was told that it has not been fixed, that it's no longer under warranty and that it will cost me $114. I am unemployed and can't afford that. I need my laptop because it has lots of things saved for my job searches. I am currently using my son's laptop but it does not have those job search links saved on it. I asked to get it back but they said that they don't have it and it will have to be shipped back from the place where they sent it to be fixed. 
On Monday, May 27th, I called my local Best Buy store and spoke to a manger about being lied to about my laptop still being under warranty. He tried to say that I knew it wasn't under warranty anymore because I bought it in 2017. I honestly didn't remember when I bought it. He also tried to say that his employee did not know that I have 2 Dell laptops that are very similar and that she looked up the wrong laptop. I did inform her that I do have 2 Dell laptops and she had the one that needed to be repaired right there in the store to look at to verify correctly if it had a warranty. I assumed that she did but apparently she didn't. That manager made it perfectly clear that he didn't care and that I still had to pay for the repair. 
Yesterday, May 30th, I chatted with Geek Squad to see when I can expect to get my laptop back. I was told that it still had not been shipped back to me. Almost a week after I asked to get it back. So I am under the impression that not only will y'all not fix it after lying to me about it being under warranty, but you also refuse to send it back to me. So at this point, since y'all refuse to send it back to me, I either need y'all to provide me with a new laptop, or better yet, reimburse me for the one that you have stolen so that I can go someplace else to buy a new laptop. I know y'all don't care because I am just one person and this won't make a difference to y'all at all, especially financially, but I refuse to do business with Best Buy ever again after this huge inconvenience and nonsense. 
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Re: Laptop Repair

Hi, mlvaughan8702,


Thank you for your post to us here on the Support Forums!


Having a laptop that won't charge is never an ideal situation, and I know how frustrating that can be especially when you need it the most to be able to search for potential job openings. I apologize that you've faced these kinds of troubles when trying to get this repaired. We here on the Forums would be happy to take a look into your Service Order to verify that things are moving along as they should be to get this device shipped back to you. 


So that we can begin, please send me a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number, and Service Order number. You can send me that message by selecting the button in my signature next to my name. 



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Re: Laptop Repair

If you logged into the broken laptop with a Microsoft account (an email) the links may come back if you log into the same account on a different computer...
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Re: Laptop Repair

This topic has been moved to its own thread under the board Best Buy Repair Support for further review.