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Laptop Body Repairs?

So I had bought a laptop a day ago (Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop) and I accidentally broke the body's lip which keeps the back cover connected properly. Machine still works, I just broke the plastic pieces towards the back of the laptop's body.


My question is if this can be repaired by Best Buy if I were to go to a store and request for it to be repaired? I understand this isn't under warranty at this poiny, but I am willing to pay the fee if it is possible?


TL;DR I broke plastic pieces on the body and back cover of my laptop which keeps them connected properly and am wondering if Best Buy is able to repair it.

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Re: Laptop Body Repairs?

Hey megasgobot –


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. It’s too bad your new gaming laptop got damaged, but I’m glad to hear it was only the external casing, and the computer itself is still working fine. That said, you ask an excellent question, which I’ll be happy to answer and advise you on.


Yes, we should be able to service your laptop and repair or replace the body damage. Going forward, I recommend making a reservation with your local Geek Squad either online, or with the Best Buy Home App, to drop-off your laptop and get a repair quote.


Best Wishes,

Michael M|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Laptop Body Repairs?

I got a similiar issue that I noticed in a online post. I broke plastic pieces on the body and back cover of my laptop (the right corner to be exact) which keeps them connected properly. I got to know that best buy can fix this. I was wondering what is the price range to fix up this issue? I will highly appreciate your reply.  This will help me to take a decision on scheduling the appointment with the agent. Thanks.

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Re: Laptop Body Repairs?

Alright, so it’s been awhile since I resolved my issue, but here’s how my adventure went down for my Dell G7.


Best Buy, or my own local Best Buy, said they cannot repair anything which breaks on the laptop’s body since those are parts only manufactured by Dell themselves and are not available to the general public (Ex: Laptop Body, Back Plate, Monitor Cover, Vents, Etc.). Normally repair businesses or sections would be able to special order these parts, but not even Best Buy was authorized to buy these parts since they were a part of the body of the laptop and only used in Dell’s assembly line.


So with that I asked what else I could do which the employee answered by telling me to send it to Dell, which I did.


I’m going to skip over the how the phone call went since I’m sure we all hate dealing with customer support, so I’ll give the short version.


The Dell employee who helped me sent me a shipping box for my laptop to send to a Dell factory for analysis and repair which costed me around $45. It then took two weeks before Dell could get back to me and what they basically told me was that the price would cost anywhere between $1000-$1200 for a repair since the damage was done to the actual body and that they would need to disassemble and reassemble the whole computer.


Realistically, this is insane. I don’t think anyone would pay close to what the laptop is worth, just to get it repaired so I asked for them to send it back to me. I received it two weeks later.


I ended up repairing the machine myself in the end by buying parts and disassembling and reassembling them myself, which costed me around $50 and 3 hours of work. You can most likely find parts on eBay or any used computer website which are in good condition. Also, you can track down the part number you’re looking for and find the Chinese manufacturers which may or may not produce those parts and sell them on the international market (The Chinese make almost all computer parts convienent for consumers now. Bless).


I don’t know if your computer is from Dell, but either way I would call the manufacturer and ask them if they can repair the body of your laptop and ask for a quote. DO NOT send in the laptop if they ask you to until you can confirm they can repair it or else you may be put in my situation and be asked to pay the price of the machine for a simple repair.


Also, you could be able to repair the machine yourself. Youtube has multiple laptop repair videos BY USERS who can give you step by step instructions for end user repairs.


TL;DR - Best Buy does not do body repairs, manufacturer repairs may charge you more than the price of your laptop for body repairs, and you can probably fix it yourself for cheap and with less headaches.


Note: If your warranty is still valid, that’s another option for a free repair, but be prepared for a long waiting period from your manufacturer to get it repaired.