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Lack of contact and more damage

I dropped my phone off at Best Buy with Geek Squad on May 19, 2019 to repair a crack in the back glass. At drop off I was never asked to pay for the repair and the check in process took an hour and a half. No one contacted me while my device was "in repair." I initiated all contact and checked in multiple times. I picked up my phone on June 5, 2019 only after stopping in the store to check on the status, finding out that it was delivered on June 3, 2019 and they had not opened the package yet. Upon opening the package the agent discovered that it was not repaired at all. After further investigating, it was not repaired because it was not paid for at drop off, which was of no fault of mine and I was not contacted about the issue, otherrwise I would have paid as soon as I knew the problem. I went over two weeks without a phone that I was still paying for the service for without it being repaired and with zero contact from Best Buy or the repair company. 

In addition to that frustration, there is now discoloration on the corner of my screen that was not there before I dropped it off at Best Buy. I also have yet to be able to restore the device from my backup, it gets stuck at the settings options before it starts restoring everytime. I have tried it at least 15 times. I am beyond frustrated with this whole situation and I will never trust another device with Geek Squad again. I want this problem resolved as soon as possible. I have refused to have my phone sent out again when I picked it up because I needed to address the issue first.

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Re: Lack of contact and more damage



Welcome to our community. Repair situations by their very nature are aggravating and inconvenient, especially when the device with a fault is one that is relied upon daily, if not hourly. Certainly we strive to make the repair process as friendly and smooth as possible, and I am at a loss to explain the complications you've run into with this repair. What you've described is not in line with our ever-abiding goal to provide a superior experience and I apologize for our having disappointed you.


I understand you have not sent your phone back out to have the needed repairs completed, but this would be the best way to have your concerns addressed, both for the original issue and any faults that have developed since. Our Geek Squad Agents may be able to offer advice regarding the restoration of your backup as well.


You may make a reservation with your local Geek Squad by visiting Cell Phone Services, under "Getting Help is Easy."


I hope this helps. Please know I am grateful you took the time to share your experience and feedback with us.

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