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LG tv so t turn on

We were watching our LG 5OUH5500 this morning, and shut it off when we went out. Upon returning, it would not turn on. When we press the power button (remote, or on TV) the red light turns on fior a good 3 seconds, then it blinks 2 more, shorter times. We have tried checking that the plus is securely in on both ends. unplugging it for a full minute, holding the power button for 30 seconds while unplugged, pressing the on-tv power button to turn it back on, and plugging into a different outlet. The most we’ve gotten is a split second of the LG logo on the screen. Any ideas?
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Re: LG tv so t turn on

It sounds like the same thing that happened to my Samsung TV about 11 months ago.  


Essentially the mother board in the TV went out and needed to be replaced. 

Fortunatly I have the Geek Squad plan. All I had to do was  make an appointment, tell them what the issue was and they came out and replaced the mother board. 

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Re: LG tv so t turn on

Hey, Rin68nyr.


Thanks for checking in with us. There is never an ideal time for electronics to fail, especially one you likely use regularly. It stands to reason you would be seeking advice, although it sounds like you’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps we would typically suggest. There are a few reasons this could have occurred, including what bobberuchi mentioned.


If you happen to have Geek Squad Protection (GSP), our team has the resources to help schedule a repair appointment. I would be happy to see what options I may have available to assist. Feel free to send a Private Message, so we can discuss this. To get started, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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