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LG Refrigerator

We purchased Model: LMXS27626S in december of 2016.  1.5 years later the freezer and refrigerator stopped cooling properly.  I started by calling LG who said they couldn't help me because they were too busy, so I called BestBuy because on the page that shows I purchased the refrigerator it says GeekSquad can help me even if I don't have a warranty.


Geek squad told me they will NOT help me without a warranty and that it's too late to purchase a warranty.  How can you have it all over the page that you can repair my appliance when you are not willing to do it?  I told the lady on the phone that the web page says "No protection plan?  No problem. Well still fix it." but she said there was no way.


Now I have a $2,000 Refrigerator that I can't use.  No one wants to fix it because it's too new, parts are not available.  Where do I go now?