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LG Refrigerator issue

My Refrigeration from LG/BestBuy is not working for 2 months. Ofcourse the problem is It doesn't get cooled. Initially felt good that I purchased the geek squad plan. But you know what - that didnt really help! 


Here is my story!  First, I have reached geek squad to get the repair scheduled after a month may be. And there were multiple visits by geek squads who tried to replace multiple parts including the compressor and what not. Nothing worked. The intelligent geek squad team doesnt update the visits/iterations from their end to avoid exchange/refunds.

Thats very unfair.


I reached geek squad customer again to escalate. Ofcourse, No surprise, Had trouble getting help from geek squad. The customer care really sucks. Had long waiting time. Agent asks to wait and no response for an hour, This happend multiple times, I am sure one of the customer llines for exchange/escalation doesn't even work. I went to Geek Squad counter at Best Buy with utter shock that they wont take any complaints and have to reach the 800 number. They got the details to escalate but mentioned that their systems aren't working to escalate.


Kindly help me! Not to mention this is the worst experience that I ever had. 


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Re: LG Refrigerator issue

Hello, knag08, 


Thank you for visiting our online community. A refrigerator is an essential appliance. If yours is not maintaining the correct temperature, I understand why you would be requesting a repair. Geek Squad Protection (GSP) is designed to provide peace of mind when appliances and electronics fail. While there is a process that must be followed, we want our customers to receive the best possible support. Based on your description of events, that has not been your experience. I appreciate you taking the time to make our team aware. Going forward, I would be happy to provide any support I'm able. 


So I may access the repair history, I will first need to verify some information. When convenient, please send a Private Message. To get stated, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I look forward to hearing from you. 




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