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LG OLED, Horrible Best Buy Geek Squad Insurance Experience Story

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Same story I posted on the OLED sub Reddit just now:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my horrible experience with the Best Buy Geek Squad insurance for TV’s.

I have an LG OLED C8 55in that I purchased back in January 30th 2019 at my local Best Buy store, at the time I added the 2 year Geek Squad insurance. I added it for fears of burn-in or dead pixels, and at that time from this Reddit forum and other online sources, I saw pretty good feedback on Best Buy’s insurance plans.

Last month I noticed a stuck blue pixel in the center top of the panel, and with my coverage running out on February 4th, I called Best Buy customer service to get this fixed. They scheduled an in-home appointment for January 19th (Tuesday, my day off). I waited from 8:00am to 5:00pm for someone to show up. No one ever did, so I got with Best Buy chat on the android app, they scheduled another appointment for the coming Sunday the 24th. No one showed up again. The next day I got a call from a company called White Eagle Technologies, a third party company hired to service my TV. They asked me for some photos of the TV and of the problem with my TV. I sent them via email, and then later in the week I got another call from them. They said they will be sending a replacement panel to my home. I received the panel around the end of the month of January. I called them and they scheduled the appointment for February 2nd (Tuesday, my day off). They were going to show up between 10:00am to 11:00am. No one came again, I called White Eagle Technologies and they only had the coming Thursday available (02-04-2021).

I had to get coverage at work, since I was scheduled that day. When Thursday came, the servicemen called me that they were coming. They showed up and replaced the panel. They were local contractors hired by White Eagle Tech, they were really nice and helpful. Everything seemed fine when we turned on the TV, quickly launched Netflix and played a video and they took some photos of it while powered on. The servicemen took the old panel and took off. From that point I got dressed for work, since I was still scheduled and left. Once I came back from work at 8:00pm, I did my normal arriving home routine. Once done, I went to the TV and started to clean the panel, as it was reality grimey. Took multiple wiping sessions to get it clean, I turned it on and wne I launched the LG Store to update an app, the pink splash screen came up and to my horror I saw the burn in. I’ll attach photos of this. It looks like a heath bar from some video game. Inspected the panel and then the smell hit me when I was looking at the back of the panel, it smelled like cigarette smoke. I do not smoke, nor does anyone else in the house.

So I pretty much got a used replacement panel with burn in and belonged to a smoker. I was beyond mad. The next day I went to work and asked a coworker of mine to cover for me while I drove to the same Best Buy store I had bought the TV at, about a 40 minute drive. I got to the store at 11:00 am when they opened. I asked for a manager and got directed to the HomeTheater manager, I explained the situation to him and the multiple missed appointments and the used panel replacement. I asked if anything could be done, as this was such a horrible experience. He told me to call Geek Squad over the phone and see what they would do. So I did that there in the store, and was on the phone for over an hour with a rep, telling them the story. They basically got with White Eagle Tech and I had to email them photos of the burn-in. They wanted to set up more appointments to my house. I said that I work and it was already inconvenient what had happened and if maybe I could just get store credit, even asked the Home Theater manager with no luck. It honestly looked like they didn't even want to help me deal with my issue, as they just shoved me off and for me to call Geek Squad over the phone. I tried pressing on how bad of an experience this was, especially for the premiums we pay for these so called insurance plans. So now I am here stuck with a burned in panel, and waiting for white Eagle Tech to get back to me, they said that they will most likely send another panel and have to do another repair.

I would have been happy if the panel had been new and not had the issues, but I got some bad luck here. I really just wanted it all to be over and tried to get a store credit and just get a new TV, instead of going through this appointment and panel replacement again. This experience gave me a huge headache, especially with the missed appointments and faulty panel that they gave me. I honestly would have thought that with a premium insurance plan, that they would see the hassle I went through and have taken care of me. Instead I got shoved over to phone customer service only to deal with the same third party company again. So now I have to wait for the third party company to contact me again and see how they are going to fix this.

I know a lot of these things are situational, but I just want to share this story so that others can see what is a potentiality with dealing with Best Buy’s Geek Squad insurance for their OLED’s / TV’s. I myself am a manager at a retail mobile service provider company, and understand how things can be at times, but when I see a customer going through a terrible experience, I make it my job to help ten through it and get it all resolved. I hope that White Eagle Tech can fix this problem and provide me with an actual brand new panel replacement and not someone's old faulty panel.

Photos of the "new to me" panel: {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: LG OLED, Horrible Best Buy Geek Squad Insurance Experience Story

Sorry to read about your situation but having just used the Extended warranty for burn in to my complete satisfaction I feel I should issue a Kudo to the Geek Squad. My 55" inch B6 had pretty severe burn in after 4 years. I was surprised since I am not a gamer etc but sadly seems that more and more networks feel they must leave up constant channel and network identifiers on screen.


I can only report my siatuation and experience with the Extended Warranty.


Went to store to Geek Squad they advised I had to call a number for large TV's and Appliances. Did same and a home apppointment was scheduled to repair or access my TV. Rep came and saw obvious burn in. He then called a number and reported my serial number etc. They then decided that replacement rather than repair was less expensive from their side of the equation. I was given a number to call to get replacement authorization.


Called that number and was issued a exchange authorization. The only thing I will say that confused me at this point was, either not advised or I didn't hear correctly. I thought someone would contact me further by phone. This did not happen so week later I went to chat session in support. They told me since I had approval number all I had to do was go to my store and they would handle it further.


That day I went to store, was directed to customer service where I was processed for new comparable TV and gift card for remaining balance. The replacement TV though newer model is appreciable less than my original model. $1299 on sale versus $1799 original TV cost. I was refunded the balance of my original cost ( less warranty cost ) including sales tax in a gift card. I used the gift card to purchase a 5 year extended warranty on the new replacement TV.


I could not be happier. They are delivering the new set and picking up the old set tomorrow.


Some things I see that many are not aware of. This is an EXTENDED warranty so if you have a problem during the normal warranty period, often a year, you must get service through the manufactuer not Best Buy I believe. Friend with LG tv had to do that ad they replaced his screen three times then refused further. LG warranty service was horrible provided by outside contractors.


Also up to Best Buy to repair or replace and that all goes by cost to them for each method.


Al in all I cannot complain I was more than satisfied. I just thought you see unhappy people take time and rightfully so to post. But generally those that are happy with the warranty don't bother. Thought they should have their fair due.


Hope your sitaution was resolved.


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Re: LG OLED, Horrible Best Buy Geek Squad Insurance Experience Story

Hello, ReclaimedHalo.


Thank you for reaching out to us. 


I’m sad to hear that things may not have gone as expected.


We strive to provide the best service possible, and I’d be happy to take a deeper look into the situation and review what happened.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?


You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: LG OLED, Horrible Best Buy Geek Squad Insurance Experience Story

I bought an LG OLED from Best Buy last year. I also got a five year extended warranty on my new TV.

I asked the Best Buy associate who sold the extended warranty to me to explain exactly how it worked if I should ever need to use it. He told me when I purchased the extended warranty that it completely replaced LG’s warranty, and if I ever needed to use the warranty to call Best Buy’s Geek Squad directly and to not contact LG because, as I was told above, my Best Buy extended warranty completely replaced LG’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Evidently other people are being told something different than I was told...
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Re: LG OLED, Horrible Best Buy Geek Squad Insurance Experience Story

Sadly the way of the world now, total dis-organization within companies! Even worse with phone and TV carriers, different contact points, chat, phone, have different abilities to correct problems. Home Depot once, had problem called their extended. Said no can help still under company warranty ( by 1 day ). Waited 2 days called again, no problem, replaced. Companies simply do not look to pay and keep and trained staff, allow computers to do too much, provide to little oversight. Most times with any of this stuff now it's a matter of just getting the right person. Store floor staff seldom understand how something works. Much like 0% finance plans companies offer. They never tell you that you can make every payment but leave a $1 balance after the final date and you will pay interest all the way back to inception of the loan. It pays to take time to investigate if possible. George in NY Now I will get one of the emails that I get an email award for making replies. Do these companies really believe this is important. What I should hang it on my wall LOL