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LG Fridge Nightmare

I searched LG fridge here on the Best Buy forum and am NOT, unfortunately not, shocked to see all the nightmare posts. I am in this same boat as preious posters right now! My less than 2 yr old LG refrigerator stopped cooling... the compressor and seal system just stopped working. The technician said no point trying to fix it. He said this is a known problem. That this 'bad batch' of LG refridgerators was sold even though it was known that they were defective. 50/50 % defective. Luck of the draw. We were duped by the 10 yr warranty too. We are also getting the run-around by LG. Doesn't look like we'll fare any better trying to contact Best Buy based on this forum! False advertising, misleading reviews, and then blaming the consumer for not spending even more money on a warranty or repair service that doesn't solve the problem anyway. !!Give us a new fridge!!

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Re: LG Fridge Nightmare

Good morning JHol,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  I apologize for the delay in our reply to your post, as we’ve become a bit backlogged on our Support Forums.  While we work to reply to our customers as soon as possible, your patience is greatly appreciated, and I’ll be happy to address your concerns going forward.


Having just dealt with a broken refrigerator myself earlier this summer, I’m all too familiar with the frustration that results from such an experience.  It’s an experience I’m sorry to hear you’re going through, and to hear LG’s efforts to repair this fridge have been unsuccessful is especially disheartening.


If your refrigerator was not purchased with a Geek Squad Protection plan (GSP) we’ll still be able to attempt to repair your refrigerator, however, any services performed will be at cost to you.  If you are interested in scheduling a service for your refrigerator with our Geek Squad, you can do so by following this link, or contact our Geek Squad at 1-800-433-5778.



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Re: LG Fridge Nightmare

Hi JHol, I don't have to write anything as my situation is exactly like yours. Bought it in 2017,  failed exactly a month before warranty expires so I thought what a relief. But I was wrong, its been 2 weeks since LG has been giving me run around and exact same situation with the tech not want to work on it. I have read so much stuff about this issue and I am amazed that nothing can't be done about this. LG is running away with our money and we are helpless weeks without a refrigerator.