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Keep getting runaround but nothing fixed

I took my dell chrome book in to be fixed in mid May. I have a geek squad accident protection plan. The employee opens it does the usual checklist and says they will send it off. A week later I receive an email that it’s read which was odd. On the day I set up to pick it up I get a call saying there was an issue and that they could not fix it due to a bug infestation and I would have to have it professionally cleaned. I was embarrassed and horrified. I picked it up already sealed in the precautionary manner to bring home and find someone to clean it. I let it set in the sealed box for a week before opening it to discover that there were no bugs or bug larva as the tech had said but in fact the screen was covered in chip crumbs. I called geek squad and after finally speaking to someone who understood the situation was told to return it to the store without the cleaning because if it had been infested as the tech said it would have been noticed upon inspection in store. On June 10 I took it back in to be sent for repairs. On June 20 I received a call from a geek squad tech claiming possible water damage(which was not why I took it in) and seemingly he had changed my case from a accidental protection plan to COD and I would be owing $649 for the repair of a computer that cost under $150. I called spoke to a representative and after 40 minutes on the phone she discovered that he had in fact changed it and said they would be attempting to fix it and right it but that I would be receiving a call from someone in reference to the situation. Never received any communication from them except a survey on how did they do which I refused to respond to because they hadn’t done anything yet. Called the store july 2 and they said that the service center had caught it before being shipped back and were fixing it but waiting on a part. I asked why no one had informed me and he said he didn’t know but that my laptop was showing up with 3 different service codes and that he would escalate my concerns. Still heard nothing back. Called july 10 and spoke to another geek squad associate who couldn’t even find all the information the previous person did, said it was waiting for part and that he to would escalate it and ask that they call me with an idea as to what is going on. Said a normal response time with escalation was 48 hrs so I should hear something by Friday july 13. It is now July 16 and I have heard nothing from anyone. I have been without this laptop for roughly 7 weeks if you count the first incident and have had the worst experience yet. I live more than an hour from the nearest store so I can’t just run there every time they screw up. I want my laptop back or replaced one. I don’t understand them paying 5 times the cost to fix it when replacing it would have probably been cheaper. I don’t understand the lack of communication on geek squads part when every time I dealt with them before now has went very smooth and I knew everything exactly when it happened. I’m so disgusted over the entire situation and feel I’ve been very considerate but am done being nice about this.
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Re: Keep getting runaround but nothing fixed

Hey, Jenmgray76,


We appreciate you taking the time to connect with our team here on the Best Buy Forums, though we wish it were under better circumstances.


Having issues with a laptop is certainly never ideal, and then adding a lengthy repair time is definitely not fun either. Typically, you should be able to track your repair using the Repair Tracker, but it sounds like this is a bit more complex of a case. That being said, I would be happy to look into this repair and see what answers I may be able to provide.


To get the process started, please send me a private message by clicking the blue box in my signature below. Please include your full name, email, phone number, service order number, and location you brought the device to for repair in the private message.



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Re: Keep getting runaround but nothing fixed

So I sent the pm was told they would escalate and still nothing and now I can’t look it up under its service number.
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Re: Keep getting runaround but nothing fixed

Hello, Jennifer,


Thank you very much for the update to let us know you are now unable to check on your laptop with the original service number they provided you with. Alyssa-BBY has not received an update at the moment, but she will get back to you as soon as possible with any information she may have. I appreciate your time and patience.


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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