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Issues with a 55 Samsung 8000

I bought a new TV from my local store back in august and was told the other tv that i was looking at would never go down in price and that the tv i got was the only one that the store had in stock for 4k. Well I have been browsing the store recently and i see that the tv that i wanted all along is much cheaper then when i bought my current tv. I'm extremely upset about this, as the sales rep intentionally lied to me to sell a tv.

I'm also experiencing issues with the tv as well, while using the tv the screen will go black and flicker strange colors and then the picture will return. It does this at least 3 to 4 times in a 1 hour period of time. 

I would like to exchange this tv for the one i was originally looking at but i am outside of the return window, but as the sales rep lied to me to sell the tv and the fact the tv seems to be defective I would appreciate it if someone would work with me to resolve this issue .