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Issues with Geek Squad repairs

Dear Sir/Madam:

                In July of 2020, I brought in a laptop which would not boot up. While the Geek Squad was conducting their initial assessment, they offered a service plan which I thought to be reasonable and therefore, purchased. They were able to repair the laptop so that it would boot up, however, they were unsuccessful at recovering my files. They recovered some from 2015 and 2017, but nothing newer. I brought the laptop back twice, hoping there would be someone technologically advanced enough to retrieve my files … to no avail. What further added to my dissatisfaction was they were less than forthcoming about the lack of recovery and told me, all three times, they had found and saved the data. Each time I told them they had not, that some 50 files and approximately 600 newer documents were present prior to its malfunctioning.  I opened the folders they had retrieved and showed them the dates on the recovered documents since it seemed they could not understand the newer files were the ones missing. By the third return, I conceded there would be no resolution on this issue. 


          The second item, another laptop, would not turn on at all. The power light would come on and that was it. The Squad was unable to figure out why it would not boot up. I was told what MIGHT be wrong but provided no further information, guidance, or recommendations. The final item brought in was a Fire 8 tablet that also would not turn on. The Squad told me they had no idea what was wrong with it and advised me to call Amazon for assistance.  So, three devices brought in for repair and one partially repaired!


        When I completed my service survey, I requested a service representative call me to further discuss my concerns. One did so and addressed my concerns. It was at this time, I learned recovery was a different and far more detailed process than retrieval.  I was also advised the cost could potentially be $1500.00. What truly concerns me is that when I brought the first laptop in initially (or the two times thereafter), no one advised me of the difference between retrieval and recovery, that recovery might be an option and/or needed, and if so the potential additional cost for doing so. Even if it no one thought to inform me of this initially, by the third time/complaint, someone should have thought of and then recommended the process.


         As for the other two items, not being able to offer any information, guidance, or recommendation, concerning the malfunction or its repair is unacceptable. The Best Buy site offers repairs on several types of electronics. To tell a customer to call the manufacturer concerning an item that is on the site as repairable is unacceptable also.


            I am incredibly disappointed in the service and am requesting a complete refund of the service contract cost returned to the credit card used at time of activation.


         Thank you.


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Re: Issues with Geek Squad repairs

Other then not telling you they could send the drive out to an outside vender to try and rececover files I don't see they did anything wrong. When a hard drive goes bad and the data is corrupted the files are generally not retrievable.

The amazon tablets are considered disposable. If they are under warranty amazon just replaces it. There is no repair.

The device that would not turn on would have to be sent out for an estimate. If it wasn't sold at best buy and or its really old, parts might not even be available.
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Re: Issues with Geek Squad repairs

Hey, drtinsley97,


Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns with the Geek Squad service you have received. I'm sorry to hear that your data was lost, and that a solution was not made available to you right away. That doesn't sound like the service we strive for, and I apologize for any inconvenience. 


Further, it sounds like you were not given repair options for two of your devices, and I'd like to take a closer look into this and see what I may be able to do to help out. 


Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.




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