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Issue with Geek Squad automatic scheduling

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We have an extended warranty on our top of the line Samsung refrligerator and are experiencing horrible support.


Our current support order number is {removed per forum guidelines}


Our initial service call was Tuesday, November 13th.  The service rep arrived on the 19th.  He said the problem was either with the system boards or the compressor, so he ordered the boards, which arrived on the 21st.  Our service call has been rescheduled for the 26th.  


The problem is that when the initial service call doesn't fix the problem due to needing an out of stock part replacement, the customer appears to automatically be put back at the end of the cue.  Customers with an existing open service request should go to the front of the cue.


We called the scheduler and were told he has no way to change that.  In our case, it means being without a refrigerator for almost 2 weeks if we're lucky.  If it turns out the issue is the compressor, we're looking at 3 weeks, which is an unacceptable length of time to be without a refrigerator.  I wish we had passed on the extended warranty and just paid out of pocket for someone to come out and fix it.


We had to cancel our family Thanksgiving due to this issue, which could have been easily resolved if existing service requests weren't given priority over callbacks.