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Is my Samsung Fridge a lemon?

Hello Best Buy!  How many times does my Samsung Fridge have to be serviced and how many weeks of it not working, does it take to be considered a lemon?  This year alone, it will be 3x in need of service and well over 40 days with an broken fridge.  It is under warranty.  This is the 3rd time within a year that I have had to throw out food and wait weeks to have it repaired.  I just waited a week for my appointment today, and if the part you need to fix it isn't on backorder, I will hopefully have it repaired by next week. If it is on backorder, it would be on the 17th or later.  What would someone from your company do if this were the case with a product they spend thousands of dollars on?  I'm looking for help and suggestions.  Should I just never buy groceries again?  Should I ever bother buying a warranty if I am expected to live without a product that is working?

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Re: Is my Samsung Fridge a lemon?

Hi there, jennyjenburt.


Thank you for reaching out. We know how important it is for major appliances to function properly, especially one as essential as a refrigerator. It sounds like you may have invested in Geek Squad Protection (GSP), which is designed to provide peace of mind, when unexpected issues present themselves. Our goal is to complete this repair, as soon as possible.


In some cases, appliances may qualify for an exchange, in accordance with the Terms agreed to at the time of purchase. This would depend on the reason for the repair, as there are some parts that may be excluded, and if this is the same issue that has previously been attempted or completed. You may also qualify for reimbursement, if you ultimately had to discard food. This would require you to submit a Food Spoilage Claim form, which would be reviewed for eligibility.


It sounds like there is a plan to replace this part, provided it is available, and we look forward to completing this service. If you need further support, please send a Private Message, so we can gather the necessary information to access the repair history.



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