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Iphone6s Geek Squad dis-repair of battery

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In very late November 2018, I decided to take advantage of the Iphone battery replacement and made an appointment with the Geek Squad in Clearwater. I made the appointment through the Apple website. There was a bit of a hiccup as the appointment time I was given clashed with the authorized apple technician leaving for the day. I left the phone overnight and returned the following day to retrieve my phone. Understand that my iphone has never been out of a protective case since the day I purchased it. The only time it was ever removed was when I purchased a new case. My point being that my phone was in PRISTINE condition. When I picked up my phone at the Geek Squad in the Best Buy store in Clearwater, it was thoroughly COVERED with nasty, greasy, disgusting fingerprints and marks which was so thick I couldn't even read the screen. When I got the phone home, I carefully sanitized the whole phone and noticed a 3/8 inch scratch/gouge in the lower left corner of the screen. Did I mention my phone was in pristine condition when I dropped it off?!? When I received a survey from Best Buy/Geek Squad the next day, I detailed the nasty, greasy, disgusting and scratched manner in which my phone was returned. I clearly stated my displeasure with the terrible service in the survey. That warranted an email from Brian {removed per forum guidelines} whoi claims to be the Geek Squad Manager at the Clearwater store. He requested that i return to the store with my phone so he could look at it and "see what he could do to rectify the situation'. I provided a very direct response that unless his intention was to offer me a brand new Iphone6s phone, I didn't think meeting with him so he could say "Yep, that's a scratch" would be productive.


As I included in both the Best Buy and Apple surverys, I asked that they imagine they had a brand new car in whicht they took immense pride. They decided to take this pristine car to the dealer to get the battery replaced. When the service department returned the car, the hood, fenders, bumper were covered with greasy, grimy, disgusting handprints. Additionally, there was now a scratch in the paint that was not previously there. I doubt you would think that is acceptable and would expect the service manager to do EVERYTHING possible to fix the issue.


Yet Mr {removed per forum guidelines} has simply dropped the issue with my iphone "dis-repair" as unimportant. I doubt he has any authority to actually fix the issue as he has demonstrated quite the willingness to ignore it.


Is there anyone at Best Buy that realizes this is unacceptable AND has the authority to address the issue?