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Inconvenienced due to Best Buy representative mistake

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My name is Kimberly {removed per forum guidelines}. The phone number linked to my account is {removed per forum guidelines}. I renewed my virus protection and geek squad subscription the beginning of October. When I did so, I was advised that as of the beginning of 2018, Kasperski virus protection will no longer be offered. I was given the option of choosing Webroot or Trend Micro virus protection. I chose Webroot and was assured by one of your representatives that I would receive a link in 7-10 days to download Webroot and to deactivate the Kaspersky. I never received the link to Webroot but did receive a link for Trend Micro, which was not the product I chose. I have made 3 calls to rectify this matter and was advised that I would have to buy ANOTHER virus protection and cancel the Trend Micro. I have never been given the run around as much as I have been getting from the geek squad representatives. This was an error made by one of your representatives. I was sent a product I did not choose. The only response I am being told is that “the back office denied the change”. In the meantime, with all of this confusion, I have paid for a service that I can’t use. This is deplorable for the way I have been treated as a customer. I will be forwarding this email to the Better Business Borough and to any other news outlet that will hear about this catastrophe called the Geek squad. After this experience, I will never patronize Best Buy again. This needs to be corrected ASAP. This was your error.

Please advise

Kimberly {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Inconvenienced due to Best Buy representative mistake

Hello, Kimberly, and welcome to the Best Buy Support forum,


Buying the right computer for you can sometimes mean making a rather large investment in your future, particularly if you’re needing one for a home business or even school work. Having the right antivirus subscription is crucial to ensure your documents and projects are as safe as they possibly can be, so I’m discouraged to read about your recent experience with choosing a software. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on the forum, as I can certainly see if we can get things going back on track.


To see how I might help you, I pulled up your Best Buy account using the information available to me through your forum profile. When we originally offered you the ability to switch from Kaspersky to either Trend Micro or Webroot, it appears you originally decided to hold off on making a decision to ensure you were choosing the best decision for your computer. According to our system, you later called us to then switch your subscription over to Trend Micro. Shortly after this transition was complete though, we received a follow up from you asking if we could possibly reverse the decision to Webroot. Unfortunately, we were unable to honor this request, and I apologize for any frustration this may cause.


With that said, I understand you may be unable to use the subscription software we sent you. I don’t want to leave you without coverage, so I appreciate you giving us the second chance to figure things out. What exactly is the problem? Are you have difficulties installing it on your computer, or did we by chance send you the wrong version of the software (example: we sent a Mac/OS version rather than a PC one)?


I hope to hear from you soon,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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