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In store purchase issue

I made a purchase of almost $700 in items on 11/10/2017.  One of the items was a Samsung Essential Robotic Vacuum.  I asked for the extended warranty and the cashier ensured me they would add it on.  At the time of purchase there was some system issue that made the cashier call over a manager for assistance and the whole transaction took almost 30 minuted to complete.  I made my payment and left.  This weekend the vacuum was having issues so I took it into the Best Buy I purchased from and requested a repair.  The lady helping me told me that the warranty was never purchased.  I asked to speak with a manager and he looked into the issue told me he could see in the system that there seemed to be some sort of issue on the day of purchase but since the warranty was not added onto the purchase there was nothing he could do.  I called the customer service andthe gentlemen I spoke with said he could see the receipt and the fact that there was some sort of issue going on that day.  He said that he does see that I purchase a warranty on all my appliances and that they would escalate the case to corporate.  He said to double down and to take the survey on since it typically has a faster response time.  I tried to do the complaint on but it would not go through because the copy of the reciept I have does not contain the group numbers so it will not go past that screen.  I am very frustrated that the cashier left off this warranty and now I have to pay for their error by dealing with the manufacturer.  I want to speak to someone ASAP about this issue.  Thanks!

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Re: In store purchase issue

Greetings jaxsonsmom1103,


Welcome to our forums.  I completely understand wanting to make sure your purchases are protected with our Geek Squad Protection (GSP), and I appreciate you contacting our Support Forums regarding your experience.


Going forward, your best option to repair your Samsung Essential Robotic Vacuum would be to work with Samsung to utilize their manufacturer warranty.  As you may be aware, per the terms and conditions of our GSPs, we’ll be unable to add a GSP to a product outside the return/exchange period of said product.  I realize this may not have been the answer you were hoping for, but I’m optimistic Samsung will be able to resolve the issues your vacuum has been experiencing.



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