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I would like my computer fixed


A few months ago, I bought an expensive ($1300) Asus laptop, and opted to also buy the three-year protection plan or whatever it's called. 


My laptop crashes at least 5 times a week, sometimes also heats up when asleep and drains its battery, and the keyboard only turns off about half the time when in tablet mode rendering it useless in that mode (of course it happened during a presentation for a job interview, keys stared working when flipped). I took it to a store recently and the "Geek Squad" without even looking at it said it would need to be sent in to Asus. So, I guess I am confused at what the $350 protection plan does for me since it is under manufacturer warranty and Asus will be fixing it. They said it would be a minimum of two weeks until I get it back. I am a graduate student and use my laptop all day every day for many programs (hence why I bought a high-end laptop before my grad program) and I can’t get by without a computer.


Honestly, I would love to get rid of this thing and get something different but I’m sure that isn’t possible since I can’t even get Bestbuy fix it let alone help me get something more suitable. The battery is also terrible making it halfway through the day if that. That may just be normal for this computer, nonetheless another let down.

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Re: I would like my computer fixed

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Good Morning SeanO’Neill-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!  Having technology not behave the way you intend is definitely not something we want our customers to be experiencing, especially on big events like a job interview!  I’m really happy to hear you found the time to visit the Geek Squad after this encounter.


We certainly have repair options available, depending on the protection purchased would depend on the charges assessed, but we should be able to repair this unit. Please send me a private message containing your full name, order number or customer service pin, GSP plan number, phone number, and preferred email address. 


Once I’m able to take a closer look at your purchase receipt, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.  Click the link in my signature line below to send your private message.  I'm excited for the opportunity to work with you soon!



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