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I've sent my laptop (AilenWare) to get fixed and have not revived word....

On November 16, 2018 I gave in my laptop (AilenWare) to get fixed, the issuse was tea got onto the laptop and it would not turn back on, the tea contained suger. I know sugar breaks down and destroyes the comupters insides. It's now December 2 and the last update on my computer i've gotten was on November 20, 2018 stating "We're assessing your repair. We may need to replace your device." Thats all i've recived since I need this laptop back before the week of Christmas. Could it be possible to get another one like an exchange i only bought this computer this year January and I have warrenty and Geeks Squads protection plan. I'm also a student and this comupter is a huge part of my schooling help.