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I have no words for how frustrated I am with GeekSquad

Just a little background information on my situation and everything I have been through dealing with GeekSquad since the summer.


  • My frustrations began over the summer when my Lenovo laptop stopped powering on. It took me about 2 weeks time just to reserve an appointment with GeekSquad within 50 miles of me. Once I finally got an appointment, it took about another 5-6 weeks in order to receive my laptop back from repairs. This is the least of my frustrations as I understand there is more of a demand with the pandemic going on and everything.
  • Recently, my computer stopped powering on once again and I had to set up another appointment to have the laptop assessed for the same issue I had it sent away for the first time. They told me they would attempt to assess the issue in store and if they could not figure out the problem they would have to send it out to their repair facility to be fixed, which would take about 3-4 weeks.
  • I received a callback a day later telling me that  my laptop was powering on and working fine and that I could come in to pick it up when I was ready.
  • I arrived at the store and the GeekSquad associate told me that they had held down the power button for 30 seconds to flush the memory of the motherboard (that's my best guess as to what they told me at least) and that once they did so it turned on an powered up as normal. I told them that I had also tried that before scheduling an appointment and it had done nothing for me, but whatever the case, I took the "fixed" laptop home. They also made sure to let me know to plug my computer into a surge protected outlet to help prevent these types of issues.
  • Upon arriving home, I plugged my laptop in to fully charge up before using it again (into a surge protected outlet as directed.)
  • Once the laptop charged for a few hours, I went to turn it on and nothing happened. The laptop was sent home to me with the same issue which I had brought it in for. At this point, I needed to schedule another GeekSquad appointment which was about a week from the date when I originally dropped it off. (They were pretty fully booked and none of their open time slots worked with my work schedule.)
  • Upon arriving at my new GeekSquad appointment, I told them my situation and the GeekSquad associate took my laptop to the back room. When they came back out, they told me that they would need to send my laptop out and that it would now be about 5-6 weeks for a repair, 2 weeks longer than I was quoted when I originally dropped my laptop off for repair a week before. I mentioned this to the employee and he told me unfortunately repairs were picking up and causing longer times and that I could possibly receive the laptop back before that time. This was quite frustrating because if it had been properly diagnosed beforehand than I wouldnt have had to spend a week waiting for another appointment and then wait the 5-6 additional for it to be repaired, but I digress.
  • I received my laptop back after about a month (not sure of the exact amount of time it was gone). They powered it on in store to show me that it was in fact working this time. Once I saw this, I signed off the paperwork and took my laptop home. Upon arriving home, I plugged my laptop in to charge as I did before using it.

  • I used the laptop for a few days with no issues. That was until today. I went to plug in the laptop to charge today and noticed the back casing felt loose. When looking at the bottom of the laptop, I noticed that every single screw hole was missing their screws. I was sent home with a laptop that did not even have the back cover screwed back on.
  • Sure enough, I simply was able to lift up the back cover to expose all the internal electronic components of the computer.

Now here I am, once again needing to set up another appointment with the GeekSquad for them to hopefully finish fixing this issue that I have been dealing with since the summer. 
I cannot stress how annoyed and frustrated I am with this service. I spent over $300 on a protection plan that has given me headache after headache and has essentially rendered the laptop, which I rely on for both work and school, utterly useless. I don't know what to do now. 

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Re: I have no words for how frustrated I am with GeekSquad

Welp, might as well give an update as I continue to question my sanity after having to deal with this headache.


Brought the laptop in to Best Buy today and explained how I was given a product with no screws securing the bottom cover and showed that I was able to easily remove the cover to see the laptops inner componants.

Fortunately, the Best Buy agent was understanding and was able to send the computer out and said I should be receiving it back in about a week since this is considered a priority case since they are fixing an issue that they had caused.

What was interesting though was that at one point I thought I heard the manager mention something to the Geek Squad agent about the plan being cancelled buy was unsure exactly what he was talking about because they were far enough away that I could not hear the whole conversation. When the agent came back, he told me that the laptop is being sent out at no cost to me since my last repair was within 30 days ago, and as I mentioned before, this was Best Buys fault.


Now here we are, about 5 hours after my appointment today and I remembered hearing about my plan being cancelled so I decided to go online to see if I could view my plan and read over the Terms of Service. 

Sure enough, when I go to view my plan it says "Cancelled on 12/09/20". Cool.

Well now I'm trying to figure out how and why my plan was cancelled without being given any notice so I decide to message Best Buy online support. After waiting 15 minutes for an agent and explaining my situation, he tells me I must go into a Best Buy store and speak to an agent to find out why it was cancelled because he doesn't have access to that information.

So looks like tomorrow I get to take another lovely hour out of my day to go and spend some more time in Best Buy to most likely become even further confused and/or enraged.


I double checked all of the paperwork which I was given for all of my repairs, as well as checked my email for any notice about my plan being cancelled and it has not been stated anywhere that my plan is no longer in effect. I purchased a 3 year protection plan in May of 2019, so I have about half of the time left on my plan before it should be over. Don't you think it would be nice to be informed that my product is no longer covered under a protection plan I paid for because it was cancelled early? Especially when I've been having recurring problems with the laptop that Geek Squad cannot seem to fully fix.



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Re: I have no words for how frustrated I am with GeekSquad

The plans have a $$ limet on repairs. When that limet us met the plan is considered fullfilled.
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Re: I have no words for how frustrated I am with GeekSquad

I realize that now and am not particularly happy about the situation. It is not made clear at all that this is how the protection plan works and when I spend the money to buy a 3 year protection plan, I expect my product to be protected for the specified amount of time. I would not have purchased a plan thinking that I could have enough issues after a year and then the rest of my plans time is negated.

I've looked at numerous other peoples posts regarding this and it seems that every person is put through the ringer on trying to contact someone at Best Buy who can give them answers or properly explain why plans get cancelled this way. If this is something that happens, then fine. But at the very least I should have been told or gotten an email explaining that my protection plan has gone over the allotted repair amount and that it will no longer be active. I should not have to find out about my plan being cancelled by stumbling upon it or god forbid when I have another issue with the laptop that needs to be fixed.

It seems to me that Best Buy is deceptive in its marketing and sales tactics while also being uncooperative and difficult to reach when all I'm looking for is a simple answer as to why my plan was cancelled and why was I not at least notified about this cancellation.
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Re: I have no words for how frustrated I am with GeekSquad

You would have been emailed the terms and conditions at the email of the rewards account tied to the purchase, usually within 10 minutes of the transaction being completed. You should have also gotten an email at that same address when the plan was fulfilled due to reaching its max benefit.

You can also find the text at the link below if you are unable to locate your email. You will need the purchase date as there have been revisions over the years.
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