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Hyper X Cloud Mix Replacement?

Hey so this is my first time with anything like this with best buy and I am pretty new to this but, this is about my Hyper X Cloud Mix headset (which I love) and last night i had gotten home from work, and my younger brother came to me apologizing alot, about how he had apparently stepped on my headset? or tripped and caught himself on it? it looked like he was wearing shoes, and when looking at it, the headset was no longer symmetrical, the right hand side of the headset's band (the metal) seems bent, and straightened. which now fits super uncomfortably on the head and the only way it even fits close to how it was before is making the right hand short. while the left is fully adjusted. Its not a Super damaging issue. my whole thing was since this was my second purchase maybe, I paid for the Geek squad 2 year replacement plan, and im wondering if I were to come to a local store with my headset, all the cables, the case for it, all in the box it came in, with the digital proof in my email that it was bought (im pretty sure its a receipt) Would I be able to replace it by some means? normally id repair it but I have no secondary headset and I cant wait a week or two really without it.... thank you for any replies!

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Re: Hyper X Cloud Mix Replacement?

Those are just swapped in store, so yeah - bring everything you have with you and head on in to the store! The plan is there for things like this!