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How to complain about customer service

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I would also like to lodge a formal complaint but can not seem to find how, so I will do it here and hope it will get to the proper department.

On 11/11/18 I purchased a new laptop at my local Best Buy in Brownsville, TX. 

The salesman was fine and sold me the laptop, webroot and the office home package. 

Then came the upsale of the Total Tech Support (which is where the problem begins.)

What I needed was for the techs to upload the microsoft office and  pull documents from my old laptop (if possible from a second laptop and destroy it). Once the tech took my information and request I left my laptop at the store and brought my old laptop(s) in.

The communication as mentioned in other threads here was poor with the constant redirection to a phone that only rings. 


I received a phone call mid week to disregard any messages that indicated my laptop was ready because there was some equipment that the techs needed to order to be able complete the data transfer.


I finally received a message that the work I had requested would be ready 11/17/18.


On 11/17/18 I arrived at my local store to pick up my laptop and was told nothing was transfered because the hard drive was bad on my laptop. They did offer to send my old laptop away for an extra 200-250 to some other tech who may be able to get the data, which could take another couple of weeks. After not having a way to work for a week I did not see this as a viable solution. They then asked me to sign a document that I was satisfied with the work they had done ( I did not sign).


Here is the part that has forced me to complain...

I started my new laptop, and after the techs had it for a week, Microsoft office home was not uploaded.

I then looked on YouTube on how to retrieve data from my old laptop and was able to do so in less then an hour. Apprently windows 10 start up is common issue and even a non "geek" like myself can get their computer going with a few clicks.

I was able to tranfer my data no problem once I started it in safe mode.

I am extremely unsatisfied (frankly pretty upset) with the total tech support membership and would like to get a full refund. This is the nearest Best Buy to me at about 30 miles and if they were unable to start a computer on safe mode or at the least upload microsoft office, then I do not believe they will be able to assist with anything in the future.

I would like to get this resolves as soon as possible, so your attention to the matter would be appreciated.

Thank you,

K. {removed per forum guidelines}.




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Re: How to complain about customer service


Good afternoon Kschurin-


If the Geek Squad was unable to perform the work for your data transfer because of a bad hard drive, I do apologize for this, but I’m grateful to hear you were able to get the computer working to complete the transfer you were hoping for! 


We may have some options available within the first 30 days of obtaining this membership, but there a few different plans that I’m hoping you’re able to work with an agent over the phone to better understand how to assist you with your wishes. 


The Terms and Conditions for the membership ask you to call us over the phone for cancellation at (888) 237-8289.  Please let me know if you have any more questions after working with us over the phone, and never hesitate to write back to us on the Best Buy forums now that you’ve joined the community!



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