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How long does it take to fix a refrigerator ?

Good question.   Should it be over a month?  Hmmmm,  I don't think so.  Yet ours is sitting empty after cleaning out the spoiled food after having 8, yes 8, visits from various "techs" that don't seem to know how to fix a refer.  All but one of those visits were made by people that are not licensed to make repairs that involve dealing with freon.  At least 3 of those visits were people basically telling me "Yep!  It's broke!"  Meanwhile, we have been without a fully functioning refer for over a month.  We purchased this and a 5 year warranty for this Kitchenaid appliance about 1 1/2 years ago.  In the last 2 years we have purchased a dishwasher, range, refer, hood, above the range microwave (all Kitchenaid),  2- 65" and one 32" TVs, a tablet and a cell phone from Best Buy.  Now I have an issue with an appliance that's not that old and this is the customer service we get?   Oh sure, they have a replacement policy but then another warranty would need to be purchased to cover that appliance.  More expense we shouldn't have to incur.  So now we wait for the next guy to come out, tell us some crap about how it will be ANOTHER week before they can do the repair.  Meanwhile we live out of a small cooler, canned food and eating out, yet another expense and inconvenience.  It's just another example of how customer service just doesn't seem to be important anymore.  These companies are good at selling the (increasingly inferior) products and warranties but after the sale, good luck.   I have been self employed and if I treated my customers like that I would have been out of business.  My suggestion, and I'm not sure what the options are, look at alternative providers for warranty coverage.  I know I sure will the next time I make a purchase with a possible warranty.  As you can tell, I'm not too impressed with BB.

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Re: How long does it take to fix a refrigerator ?

Well, what a surprise.   The tech was scheduled to come out and repair the refrigerator today but instead I received a phone call with yet another excuse and was put off once again.  Wow!  Didn't see that coming!   Oh, wait,   yes I did.  Geek Squad ordered parts and they have been sitting in my house for a week but the latest repair situation seems to require even more parts so now we have to wait for the additional parts, which someone didn't already order, to come and then maybe we can get in line for the repair.   It wont surprise me if they stretch this out to 2 months.   Two months for a repair.   That is so totally unacceptable.  Its a terrible way to treat a customer and it wreaks of incompetence.   Unbelievable.

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Re: How long does it take to fix a refrigerator ?

Hi wally52,

Thanks very much for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I’ve had a fridge go out on me before, so I understand what a pain it can be. I’m sorry that your repair is taking longer than expected.

From your post it sounds like we have some parts on order. It also sounds like you were offered an exchange, but declined because that would fulfill your plan. If I’m misreading that, I apologize.

Any fulfillment of that plan would require you to purchase another to cover the new appliance, if you wanted extended coverage. I wouldn’t be able to speed up any part orders on my end, as they generally come from suppliers as soon as they are available.

That said, I’d be happy to look into your service to see if there’s anything I can do. Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature. I’d need your name, email address, and phone number. If you have your Geek Squad Protection number, that would be a help as well. 


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Re: How long does it take to fix a refrigerator ?

Ok, here's the latest on this ongoing disaster.   Today yet another visit by a repair tech.   This is the 10th or 11th visit by someone (I have lost track)  since this appliance started messing up.   This time we waited for approximately 1 month for more parts to be ordered.   Today, after waiting for new parts,  the tech came in to work on the refer, and I say "work on" because I had zero reasons to believe it would be repaired, we were informed that it was unrepairable.   Why?   Let's review.  It seems to be a combination of several factors.   

1.  The first guy that replaced parts did an incorrect repair.    

2.  The design and engineering is very poor.  They didn't allow enough tubing for needed repairs.  

3.  The manufacturer requires the use of mechanical fasteners to join tubing parts because soldering/brazing can contaminate the system and clog small orifices.   Not enough of the tube was left to do the needed joining after the preceding attempted repairs.  It seems the designers didn't take this into account.    See #2.   This is a quote from the work order after visit today: " Quick Summary:

 Work Done: Unit has stopped cooling, located filter drier 
brazed in place and clogged. Tech support/Partner team closed on 
saturdays. Took picture of stub from heat exchanger, where drier 
connects, not enough tube to allow lockring to be used."
So, here's the issue.  None of this was because of anything we did.  We are of zero fault.   Yet this refrigerator has been broken since the beginning of September, we have had to purchase a smaller substitute refrigerator, the food spoilage reimbursement only covered 2/3 of actual expense, our Thanksgiving dinner was basically canceled and we have been tremendously inconvenienced.  Now we are expected to shell out another $250 (?) for yet another warranty policy because of factors making this unit unrepairable, none of which were of our doing.    When we signed up for a five year protection plan it was assumed the refer repairs were covered for five years.   
Does this sound fair to you?  Doesn't sound fair to me.   We did our part, we bought a refrigerator from Best Buy and an extended warranty for  five years.   Now, a year and a half later we are dealing with this crap.  We shouldn't be penalized for mistakes other people made especially when we assumed we were buying top of the line appliances and protection for five years.   Unacceptable.  
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Re: How long does it take to fix a refrigerator ?

Hey wally52,


Thank you for sharing an update with us and the rest of our community. We’d be happy to see how we might be able to assist you further, however, we’d need you to send that private message to us as requested by Kyle. Please note we’d only be able to offer assistance on your unit as outlined in your plan moving forward. You’re welcome to review the Terms of your Geek Squad Protection Plan here.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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