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How do I file a formal complaint?

I called the Best Buy in our town regarding our 65" television.  There was about a 1-2" white line going down the right hand side of the screen after my son accidently hit the underside with a triple A battery. The screen had no marks or cracks or even a scratch on it. The television still worked fine but the line was annoying.  I called the store and they told me to make an appointment with geek squad to bring the television in. When I asked if someone could come to the house because it was a bigger tv I was told it would be easier for them if I brought it in.   (it states on the web site that they will do in home service for TV's larger then 42")   I made the appointment and no other instructions were given.  When I went in for my appointment that night the tech who I worked with (he was very nice) plugged the tv in and instead of a small white line now 3/4 of the screen was white with black bubbles at the bottom corner.  He told me that because it was below freezing out and it was in my car unprotected that is what made it worse.  He informed me that if we wanted to fix it, it would cost us over $600.  So I went from having a working tv to nothing!  Nobody told us that we had to protect the tv and that it should not be in the cold or driven over bumpy roads because the tv's are fragile.  We live in Wisconsin and it is December.  I am so frustrated that nothing can be done and that now we are out a 65" television!    I tried to accomidate them.  I will never do that again.  I need to know what can be done about this.  This is completely unexceptable and I will make sure everyone knows about it.