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Horrifying Best Buy Experiance - Thousands of Dollars in Damages and Loss!!!!

I am at a loss here and I don't know what to do - I will try to keep this short but I do not believe that it is possible. 


I went into a Best Buy store and ordered a top of the line LG Washer and Dryer stackable combo. I paid for delivery. 

A few days later the machines were delivered. However, guess what? 


I had thousands worth of damages to my home!!! The floors, walls, molding, and the machines themselves were damaged (cosmetically). I fought with Best Buy for weeks about this and was offered a miniscule $300 compensation. After being so tired and frusturated and feeling defeated - I accepted. 


Not only was my home damaged, the installation crew NEVER HOOKED UP THE DRYER VENT!!! What happened? Carbon Monoxide detectors go off (and I have little kids in the home). Best Buy was unphased by this and "apologized". I was more so hoping this never happpens to anyone else! The install crew was careless. 


I had to then pay my contractor to come and install the machines correctly! What do we find out when we pull the machines out? The water lines were not tightened and there was damage to my hardwood floors in the back. 




Now, today, 5 months later, guess what? The washing machine is 100% shot. I had an LG technician out here and he said in his 25yrs of experiance fixing machines he has NEVER seen a machine, as new as mine, show issues of a washer that you'd like would be 10yrs old. He said the machine should be replaced but LG will want to fix it. 


I call Best Buy, I have an extended warranty. They came out. Their technician said the same thing. This issue is very rare and the ENTIRE MACHINE FROM INSIDE OUT WOULD NEED TO BE REBUILT. 


1. I did not pay a substantial amount of money for a machine, less than a year old, to be rebuilt thus leaving me with a refurbiished machine. 

2. The parts are 2-4 weeks on back order!!! They're on back order because LG does not anticipate issues of this magnitude happening so they do not keep such parts handy and in stock. 

3. What does Best Buy tell me? We have to fix it. Sorry you're without a washer for two weeks. 


This is UNACCEPTABLE. I am out a ton of money also from missed work due to having to be home for my contractor to come and install the machines properly, Best Buy inspector for home damages, LG technician to come out, Best Buy technician to come out, Repair technician to come out. This is going on 5 days of missed work!!!!!!!! 


LASTLY - nobody answers their phones at the two Best Buy locations I have called, specificially the one I ordered the machines from... I try extensions for geek squad, appliances, orders, everything.... no answer. I got so fed up I went into the store yesterday to speak with a manager. I asked him if the phones were broken. He said no. I called the store RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and he had no answers. He said "sorry". 


I am at a complete loss and I don't know what to do. Think of the damages to my home and missed work financially and now I am going to have to have a washer rebuilt that should be REPLACED...... 


I hope Best Buy can resolve this. I am a long time customer and I spend thousands a year in this company. I have OLED TV's, appliances, sound bars, video games, etc. 

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Re: Horrifying Best Buy Experiance - Thousands of Dollars in Damages and Loss!!!!

Hi bjw109,


Thanks for the post! Having recently got a new washing machine myself, I know it’s a pretty large purchase. It’s important to be satisfied with it. I regret to hear about not only what happened during the installation, but also the following repair issues. This surely doesn’t sound like a great experience. I’ll definitely want to look into it.


I’m very sorry about the situation you’ve found yourself in. In order for me to properly address both the damage and the repair issue, I would like a little bit of additional information so that I can take a deeper look into the situation. Would you be able to send me a private message, using the link next to my signature below, that includes your name, email, and phone number?



Luke|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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