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Horrible warranty support

2 weeks ago today I put in a claim for my refridgerator not working..  the appointment was for Friday the 18th.  Nobody showed up.  The company that does the repairs say they called but I did not get a phone call.  I called Bestbuy/Geeksquad/AIG about the issue and they said the repair company was calling the wrong number.  and my appt would now be the following Monday.  I called AIG to verify on Saturday and they said the repair company called me and I denied service (again they did not call me).  I have an email from the AIG (special forces) person stating that.  She also stated the company would call me later that day to set up an appointment.  No call.  Monday morning I called the third party company myself and got the appointment for later in the day.   After appointment they said they would get the part ordered and I should hear back by Thursday or Friday.  Come Friday I called the repair people and they called AIG..  AIG had not processed the repair approval and would get the started.  So now living out of a cooler for over 14 days (which included memorial weeked, I waited until Wednesday the 30th to call and see if the part would be in.  We will call you back..  yah...  nothing yet.  


Meanwhile I tried to call geek squad to complain and the guy on the phone put me on hold then 10 minutes later gets back on and says "I have submitted your complaint for you"....  UMMMM all I told him was I wanted to complain about the handling of this and did not go into any details before he put me on hold.    At the end of the phone call I asked him what he put in as the complaint since we had not discussed it.  He would not say.  I said I wanted to talk to a supervisor and he said the supervisor was busy.  I said I will hold and he told me he can only be on the phone 2 minutes so I cant hold but could call back.  I asked the person on the phone for his name and then he hung up on me.   


What the heck.  This is rediculous and very irritating.  I do not understand how this is an acceptable way to handle a warranty claim.  I can honestly say that I will probably never buy another appliance from best buy with warranty due to the ablsolute stupidity of all of this.


I have so much more to add but this should cover the issue.

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Re: Horrible warranty support

Greetings jjr011,


Being without a working refrigerator can be quite the problem, and a huge inconvenience. I’m sorry to hear that your repair isn't going as planned, and the level of service you have received thus far isn’t what we strive for. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to post to our community.


Can you please send me a private message with your phone number, and your Geek Squad Protection Plan number? You’re also welcome to share anything else you feel we should know moving forward in your private message too.  I’d be happy to see how we might be able to assist you further plus ensure that your concerns are documented properly here at our Corporate Office. You can send me a private message by choosing the blue “Private Message” button next to my name at that bottom. I look forward to your reply!



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Re: Horrible warranty support