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Horrible service from Geek Squad as an "Authorized Apple Service Provider"

This is my Yelp Review of the Best Buy Geek Squad at 3820 Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV


Do NOT go to this Geek Squad place.  They do have some nice tech's at night.  Alberto was super helpful around 7:30pm.  I went back for a scheduled appointment this morning at 11:20am.  Maybe because it was the middle of the day or what not but, they dismissed me until I complained.  I had a scheduled appointment at 11:20am to have my iphone opened up and thoroughly cleaned of debris so the mic and receiver would work better.  I didnt do it last night because Alberto said it would require me to leave the phone and i didn't want to do that.  

When I got in at 11:20am, I told Lili what happened.  She spoke to Stephanie her tech repair person and came back and said they would not open up the iphone and could only wipe around the outside of the case!  

I got smart.  I went to apple support and chatted with a representative to find out what an "Authorized Apple Service Provider" could and could not do.  When Lili came back, I told her that they can, in fact, open up the iphone which, while I understand is a long process, I was prepared for.  Hence the reason why I came back today instead of leaving the phone with them overnight.

She took it back and said it will take 10 min.  Got it back, no noticeable improvement either visually or functionally speaking.  The dust in the speaker was still present but they claimed to have opened it up and cleaned it.  Then she said, you just have get a new display and that will be $150.

So, all they wanted was my money.  I took the same device down the street to Desert Wireless and they replaced the receiver, cleaned the mic, and put a new screen protector on for $50.  Mind you, my iphone was already out of warranty to begin with.

You better believe I'm going to be contacting both Geek Squad corporate and Apple about the terrible service I got at this Best Buy.  What's the point of being an "Apple Authorized Service Provider" if you're going to leave a long time apple customer feeling frustrated about service?  You don't deserve to be tied to Apple.

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Re: Horrible service from Geek Squad as an "Authorized Apple Service Provider"

 Good morning adesteAngelSemanaSipinII-


We appreciate the time that you have spent contacting us on the Best Buy forums.  After being told your local Geek Squad was unable to perform the work, I could understand why you’d look for some answers.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to shine some light on the situation. 


Normally speaking, our local Geek Squad would send your phone out for a program known as "Rapid Exchange".  This allows you the opportunity to not worry about repairing the device, but another replacement phone would be sent back to you.  I’m grateful to know you had the chance to get your repair completed, but saddened to know it was not through our Geek Squad.


Best Buy can only hope to improve for the better by listening to the valuable feedback of its customers and we want you to write back if we can ever answer any other questions or concerns!



JJ|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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