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Horrible geek squad and customer service in local store

Hi this is a second time having a issue with my local Newport news best buy with a simple request under my geek squad protection for my cell phone . I own the note 8 and luckily I have a samsung repair center . One thing I will say is you as a company need more of them in all areas . They are few and far between . I had a issue a while ago with geek squad not doing there job . That issue ended up getting resolved after I complain but the customer service for that one was horrible . This time I had a crack in the upper corner of my device . I made a appointment online . When I got there i saw no place to sign in so I waited in line 20 mins past my reservation time slot , there was a super slow line with one person working with customers till about the 20 min past mark they final got one other employee to help . When I finally got to talk to them they told me it would take 4 hours . I am a very busy man I allot for the time you have on the website as free time is luxury I dont have a lot of . on site it stated it would take 1 to 2 hours . I did not have at least 4 hours to waste due to work . When asked the store either supervisor or manager . I forget her name cause we talked very briefly when I found one . I asked her why is a 4 hour window especially since I had already killed almost 40 mins waiting with a appointment in store . Assurion could have replaced it in a hour to a hour in a half . She said it was due to the bench they were working on and when they would be free to work on it . Why did I purchase your insurance and if that's the case why make appointments. After I left the store they canceled my appointment due to no show when I was there just never checked in due to there was no place to check in . Any other place I make a appointments are handled professionally and with in time frames respectable with multiple agents working . Your dc store near howard university is great but they dont really work on phones . Your screen replacements are double that of assurion but assurion does use 3rd party parts . Where yours is official. Geek squad needs to be better at this store and was great a year ago so not sure why the change but not best if you want people to buy into your services . I tried to file a complaint over the phone but they kept sending me to the phone department and then said to complain on here . That happened Saturday wasnt able to handle it til now due to a wedding which I was trying to repair it before and now have no clue when the next time I can come in to get it worked on if if I should my time is valuable and I cant keep wasting time and making appointments if they are not honored properly I'm also a elite member since I shop there a lot .
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Re: Horrible geek squad and customer service in local store

Hello Horusx7,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out about this.


Our Samsung Authorized Repair program is really exciting, though you are right that it is not widely available just yet. Our goal is to get all phones checked in before 6:00 PM done the same day, though we cannot promise any faster service than that.


That said, I apologize that we weren’t able to help you out at your reservation time. I’d like to see if I can help you coordinate with the store to make sure the next time you come in everything goes more smoothly.


Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I’d need your name, email address, phone number and Geek Squad Protection Plan number, if you have it.



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