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Horrible Service

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I took in a television for service on 09/04/20107, I received an email from the Geek Squad that the TV was repaired and sent back to store on 09/15/2017. Due to the passing of Hurricane Maria the store was cloed until Decmber 2017. I waited until after Christmas to visit the local store that received the TV  to pick it up.


After waiting for over an hour to speak to a representative at the service counter, I was told they did not know where my equipment was and if i could give them a week to find it.


Since the service area was such chaos that day and people where not being helped. I decided that rather than visiting the store to see if they had found my TV to call first.


I have  been calling since yesterday. Each time someone picks up they hang up. Today, I started calling the strore since 4pm. I called from 4pm-8pm. And after waiting on hold over and over an employee would pick up and then hang up.


I was able to speak to two employees who ask why I was calling and both times they put me on hold and hung up.


I understand that the San Juan location was not ready to open when it did. The least the employees and the company can do is respond to their customers. Rather than having customers wait at the store for hours or on the phone be up front and let them know that at that moment you cannot provide them with the information but you will get back to them. Not ask them to wait a week, after the store had 2 months to prepare before opening or to just hang up each time. I would like to know how much longer do I have to wait before my equipemnt is found or replaced.




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Re: Horrible Service

Hello Maria-2018,


I’m sorry for the delayed response, as the holiday season messages has had us backlogged and we are trying to respond as quickly as possible. I am happy to help where I can.


I am super happy to see my island get some power restored, food, and running water. This hurricane hit a lot of us really hard. I am still waiting on my dad to get power back, but it is great to see us thriving.


I am sure our San Juan Best Buy has been super busy, being the only store open at this time. However, we always stride for professional during any circumstance. I will be sending you a private message with some more details. When logged in you will see it at the top of your screen in the envelope icon.


Thank you for posting!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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