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Horrible Repair Experience so far!

On Wednesday 11/20 I noticed my Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling.  I thought “thankfully I have a Geek Squad protection plan on it.”   I called Geek Squad the following day to set up an appointment.  They set up the appointment with A & E factory service for Friday 8a-12p.  The technician NO SHOWED.  I called Best Buy and they put me on hold… then suddenly, I had been transferred to a call center in the Philippines.  This was A & E factory service call center, they didn’t know why the technician didn’t show, but they offered to reschedule the service call for Saturday 10a-2pm.


On Saturday I waited till 3pm and the technician NO SHOWED a SECOND TIME.  I called Best Buy, they said that they needed to contact me to “Special Ops”, which is code name for AIG, a 3rd party insurance carrier.   AIG reschedule me for a THIRD appointment – this time Monday at 10a-2pm.   A few hours later on Saturday, I get an automated email from A & E saying they have rescheduled my appointment without asking to 12p-5pm on Monday.  I shuffle things around to be able to be home for that appointment.   Sunday at 5am, I got another email from A & E that says I need to call them to reschedule the appointment.  I call A & E at the number they provided in the email and they are CLOSED!  Well, duh, its Sunday.  I then call Best Buy, who puts me on hold, then connects me with AIG.  AIG reschedules me for Monday 8a-12p - this is now the 6th time frame.


If they show up on Monday like they are supposed to, it will be the initial diagnosis... I don't even know if they can repair it that day.  I sure hope they won't need parts and a follow up appointment considering how difficult it was to get them to come out the first time!



I ask to speak to a manager (Rick A1042514) and tell them how upset I am for 2 ‘NO SHOWS’ and 5 reschedules.  He comes back with that they have 30 days to get my refrigerator repaired and its only been 5 days…  What bad customer service!  Best Buy does seem to care because they “Sold” my policy to AIG…  AIG doesn’t seem to care, because they have 30 days to fix my refrigerator.

I have company coming in for the holidays and I have no refrigerator…. How is one supposed to have Thanksgiving without a refrigerator?


I have asked for compensation for all the aggravation and inconvenience - Best Buy and AIG say that’s not available.  I don't know if I'll ever buy a protection plan from Best Buy again, you can always buy your OWN third party insurance if you wanted to and get better treatment.