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Horrible Experience With Geek Squad Replacement

I really hate writing overly long posts but I want to paint the full picture of how poorly this was handled...


On 1/24 a Geek Squad tech informed me they no longer carry the parts for my TV, and since the board was just replaced 2 years ago they'll issue a replacement. I called a CSR rep, picked out a new TV and scheduled an appointment for 1/26. Following day I went through the 7 step checklist to make sure everything is in order. Approx 7am on 1/26 the delivery person called me saying he was in route. He asked was the TV mounted and I responded "To the wall, no, but it's mounted on the stand." He replied "It's on a stand?", and said "Yes... it's one of those stands with the TV mount attachment (which I purchased from BestBuy BTW). I asked if he was installing the new TV and he said no, so I responded "just drop it off - I'll take care of it myself". He agreed.


30 minutes later my wife calls me on speaker and with the courier saying he can't take the TV. I told him we just discussed this and described our previous conversation. He then proceeds to argue with me - denying our conversation. i instruct him to just leave the new TV and I'll install it myself. He says he can't because he must take the old TV with him. I remind him that we discussed this over the phone and then he again denies our previous discussion. I asked for a number to a supervisor and he responds "There's no need - he'll just tell you the same thing". While I'm telling him I don't want to argue with him and insisting on a number he tells me he'll just reschedule and hangs up the phone.


I call Geek Squad as soon as they open and inform them of the situation. Not only did the CSR who order the replacement fail to tell me the TV need to be taken off the stand, it wasn't mention in the 7 point checklist nor was it mentioned by the courier when he called me. He apologies,and says the wrong courier was sent and it should've been an install tech. I ask if someone could reach out to the courier and have him circle back at the end of his route and he tells me it's not possible until he closes out the delivery and I should call back in 24 hours. I get a text at 4:30 telling me they need to reschedule, then a 2nd one at 6:30 instructing me to call and reschedule my appointment.


I speak to the CSR and explain the situation. She apologies, puts me on an extended hold before telling me my earlier available appointment is 2/1 - almost a week away. I explain to her my experience in the storage and logistics field and tell her the TV probably just sitting on a dock 20 minutes away from me, we just need the right person to make a call to clear the red tape. She promises to look into it further and give me a follow-up call tomorrow.


After going a full day without the follow-up call I decide to call in myself. The recording says I had a delivery scheduled for today (1/27) but when speaking with the rep he said he sees no such delivery. I explain the entire situation and he apologizes, then says he'll check if he could arrange a local pickup. Neither the original TV or an alternate were in stock so he kept the appointment until we can figure out another solution.


After searching online for other options I call back, explain my conversation with the previous rep, and tell him I'd like him to arrange a local pickup. He complies and says my order is cancelled. When I told him which TV I wanted he says he can't arrange that I'll have to walk into the store. Mind you I explained CLEARLY what I was attempting to do, and only attempted to do so because the previous rep presented the option. All of this is supposedly stated in my case notes. Mind you every half day this drags on more and more TV's are selling out.


Morning of 1/28 I check online a nearby warehouse has 1 TV in stock. My previous assumption was correct - the undelivered TV had been sitting in a BestBuy warehouse LESS THAN 20 MINUTES FROM ME the entire time!!! I could've had a relative pick it up in their truck for me 2 days ago. Now it's the weekend people are busy and more models are still selling out. I call customer service again, provide them with my Case # and the rep immediately starts apologizing for the experience. I explained to her how models keep selling out and at this point I'd just like to arrange a store swap. She directs me to the "correct department" for assistance, only for the next CSR to place me on an extended hold just to tell me she's gonna have to charge me for this service. I asked frankly "So let me get this straight... you guys made a mistake and now you want to charge me to fix it?" She sarcastically asked "And how did we make a mistake?" I recap all the things that could've been done differently. I listed how I kept receiving conflicting information. She then tells me I'm talking to the right department now and what she says is the procedure. I remind her I'm just a paying customer and even if everyone else was wrong I was speaking to a representative of BestBuy. I suggested she speak with her supervisor and she said she'll request one call her back but she's working from home.


Now that makes A LOT of sense. I expressed my frustration and said at this point this shouldn've been escalated to someone with decision making power. She responded... and I quote... "Well I won't take up too much of your time. Thank you for calling BestBuy. Have a good day" Then hangs up in my face.


Very long story but it's important to highlight how broken BestBuy's infrastructure is. They use 3rd party courier and 3rd party customer service reps who don't really care how they make the company look because they don't work for BestBuy. You can never speak with a supervisor, and when they (allegedly) escalate something you sit on hold for 20 minutes because they're working remote. It's been 72 hours of apologies, followed up with people telling me what they can't do. I've purchased 3 TV's in the past 3 years - 2 of which have 5 year Geek Squad warranties. If this is how loyal customers are treated I don't know why anyone would shop here.




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Re: Horrible Experience With Geek Squad Replacement

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Hello, Cansome1help,


Thanks for reaching out on and joining us here on the Forums' Community. I know that your current experience has not been that world class services you are used to receiving from Best Buy and Geek Squad is upsetting. I'll be happy to take a closer. Please send a private message, blue button near my name and provide the following: 


  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Order number if there is one.


Here to help, 


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