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Horrible Customer Service

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To Whom It May Concern, 


I am writing about the customer service I experienced on Friday, 1/18.  I want to explain the whole story so that you fully understand what was going on.  This was the most unprofessional call/service I have ever received from Best Buy/Geek Squad.  The man I spoke to was unprofessional and down right RUDE! 


On 1/2/19 I called the Geek Squad because my freezer, in my refrigerator wasn't spitting out the ice it was making, in the dispenser,  so that the ice that is made comes out into our cup in the door.  The ice is made, however the tray that it sits in doesn't work.  The Geek Squad didn't have someone in our area that services appliances so they set an appointment for a 3rd party that is contracted to do the work on my refrigerator.  This is the first time an outside company has any serviced any of my appliances.  The appointment was scheduled for Friday, 1/4/19 between 8-12pm.  On the day of service, I received a phone call at 10:45 a.m. from a man from the service company.  He sounded like he just woke up and said he was calling to schedule the service for tomorrow morning (Saturday), I explained that I have been waiting for him since 8 a.m. and I do work and I'm not available Saturday.  I need this service call to be done by noon because I don't have the whole afternoon to waste because they haven't shown up.  The man seemed put out but he did arrive at our house by 11:45 a.m.  He looked in the refrigerator and said that the reason it isn't working is because the ice tray is cracked.  He wrote some things down and said he would order the ice tray and call back when he has the part.  


I never heard back from anyone and didn't receive any parts in the mail, like we have normally done, with previous appliances/parts, so I called the Geek Squad number back on Friday, 1/11.  I spoke to someone and they placed me on hold and called the 3rd party company that is doing the service and came back on saying they spoke to a man from Fayette Appliance (the 3rd party company) and they were having trouble locating our invoice but assured me that they would call me by the end of the work day.  They said that if I didn't hear from anyone by the end of the day to call the Geek Squad back and they would be happy to call again to see when they could finish the service.  I never heard from anyone by the end of the day.  


On Monday, 1/14/19, I called Fayette appliance directly to find out when they could finish the work on my ice maker.  I spoke to a man and he said that the man he needed to ask about this service was out but he would call me back as soon as he spoke to him.  I asked if I could expect to hear from him today.  He said yes, he would call back after the man returned to the office.  I received a call around 3 p.m. saying that they still need to order the part.  He explained that the they didn't order this part yet because they have been waiting on Best Buy/Geek Squad to approve the order. I asked when they submitted the request for parts and the man told me it was submitted on 1/4, the same day they came to service my refrigerator. They just received this approval today, 1/14, and they will place the order and be in contact with me once the part comes in.  I found this hard to believe because we have other appliances from Best Buy and have never had something like this happenm so I decided to go ahead and call the Geek Squad to find out if this was correct information or if this was a bunch of garbage because they forgot about my service.  I already had a bad feeling about this company because of what had happened when they were scheduled on 1/4.  When I reached out to the Geek Squad, I spoke to someone and explained everything and they explained that it is a different department that handles 3rd party companies and they were going to transfer me to them.  After being transferred I spoke to a woman in the "Geek Squad Special Forces" department.  She was very helpful and looked everything up for me.  She said that Fayette Appliance came to my scheduled appointment on 1/4 and put in the request for parts on Monday, 1/7.  The Geek Squad approved the parts they submitted on Wednesday, 1/8.  She wasn't sure why they said it was just approved today, 1/14. She asked if I would like her to call the company to find out when their next service will be and I told her I would because I don't think what they are telling me is accurate. I explained that I just spoke to a man from this company and that they said they haven't ordered the part because they were waiting on the approval.  She called Fayette Appliance and came back on and explained they were going to order the parts and call me once they get them in.  When she said parts.....I asked if there was more than one and she said they had 3 parts that they got approved for.  I knew they only needed one part so I asked what it was.  They told us they only needed a new tray for our ice maker because the bottom was cracked.  This sounded shady to me because when the man was at my house he specifically said he was going to replace the ice tray.  He never said he was ordering a bunch of parts.  She named the parts and said not to worry because they were all approved and he would be in contact.  She said if I didn't hear from them in the next couple of days then to call the Geek Squad back and they would look it up and find out where the parts are and if this company has received them yet.  I thanked her and the call ended. 


On Friday, 1/18, I still didn't hear anything from Fayette Appliance so I called the Geek Squad back.  I spoke to a man, "Pedro"  I explained the whole situation to him and why I was calling was because I didn't ever hear back from Fayette Appliance and I also wanted to know exactly what parts were ordered.  I explained that I spoke to a woman from a certain department there at the Geek Squad and she told me exactly what parts they are.  I explained I misplaced the notes I took from my conversation with her, when I spoke to her on Monday, 1/14.  I told him I didn't feel good about this company for multiple reasons and I wanted to make sure I know the parts that were ordered because I have a feeling they are ordering extra parts and billing companies for the extra parts because when they came to our house and did the service call, they told us that all we needed was an ice tray/box that slides in and out because it was cracked.  I told Pedro, the man who did the service call was very "Shady" and I wanted to know what the names of the parts are that he is replacing in my refrigerator.  I explained that I know he has to transfer me to another department because I'm dealing with a 3rd party and I don't mind, I told him about speaking to someone already from that department on Monday, 1/14 but I can't remember the name of that department.  Pedro placed me on hold and returned to the call telling me that he contacted Fayette Appliance and they have the parts and will contact me to schedule the service.  I thanked him for contacting them however I also wanted know exactly what parts were approved for them to order because I want to write it all down so when they do the service call at my house, I know what is getting replaced, exactly.  Pedro said the Geek Squad doesn't have access to any of this information because it is a 3rd party company doing this service.  He said I must contact Fayette Appliance to find out what parts they are replacing.  I knew the Geek Squad had a department that knows all of this because I spoke to them on Monday, 1/14 but I just couldn't remember the name of the department I needed to be transferred to so again I explained that I know he should have access to this information because I spoke to someone who gave me this information on Monday, 1/14.  I asked if he is a newer employee because I thought maybe this is why he doesn't know the name of the department I need to speak to.  He said there is no department that deals with 3rd party service calls and that he has all the notes on my service calls/appliance.  He again told me I need to contact Fayette Appliance concerning the parts and services because the Geek Squad doesn't have a record of any parts that are ordered.  I then asked if I could speak to anyone that might be able to help me with this service and parts.  He said no one from Geek Squad will know this.  I explained again that I spoke to a certain department that deals with 3rd party services and that they know the names of these parts because I spoke to someone on Monday, 1/14 and she told me the exact name. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor.  He said they don't have a supervisor.  I asked if there was anyone that knows this that he could transfer me to.  He said there is no department.  It seemed as if it was just an argument with Pedro and he didn't know what I was talking about.  I continued to tell him that I don't want to argue about this, I just want the names of the parts because I think this company is "Shady" and I didn't want them to order parts under my ticket that aren't being used on my refrigerator.  I just need to find this out.  Pedro started arguing again and asked me to stop talking so that he could tell me again.....There is no department that the Geek Squad has that deals with 3rd party companies, he said he doesn't have this information and I again, need to call Fayette Appliance to ask them.  I listened to him repeat everything again telling me all the same things for like 10 minutes.  When he was finished talking, I asked him if I could now speak and if he could just hear what I'm asking for.  I began at the beginning and explained everything from the beginning of scheduling my service on 1/4.  He then started telling me I don't know what I'm talking about he can't help me.  He kept interruping me and not letting me speak.  I again said, I would like to speak to a supervisor, he refused.  I said I would wait on hold until he found a supervisor.  He said there is no supervisor that would help me.  I then asked if I could finish speaking and if he would stop cutting me off, like I don't know what I'm talking about.  He said there is no supervisor and he continued to cut me off.  He started yelling at me telling me the same things and, HE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME!  


I then called the Geek Squad back and spoke to a woman.  I explained everything about my call with Pedro and how he hung up on me.  I told her all about everything from the beginning and she knew exactly what I was talking about.  She transferred me to the Geek Squad Special Forces (the department I kept asking him for but couldn't remember the name of it). I spoke to Michelle, who was the person Pedro spoke to concerning my service call with Fayette Appliance.  I thought Pedro called Fayette Appliance and come to find out that Pedro called Michelle in the Special Forces Department, who then called Fayette Appliance to see when they were going to call me to set up the final service call.  He never asked her about the parts nor would he transfer the call to her so I could find all of this out from her.  Michelle gave me all the information I wanted concerning the parts and then told me that Fayette Appliance is going to call me to set up the appointment on Monday.  She said they ordered an Assembly Case/Filter Tank, an Ogger Motor, and a whole new Ice Maker. I thanked her because this is all I needed.  I then asked her if Pedro put any notes in the system concerning my conversation with him.  She said she couldn't see the notes but would transfer me back to Geek Squad because they could tell me what I need to know.  She transferred me back to Geek Squad and I spoke to another lady who said the notes are in the system but he didn't write any details.  She said it was Case # {removed per forum guidelines}.  She said I was also going to receive a survey form in my email concerning Pedro's service.  I asked if the phone calls are recorded for quality services.  She said that all the calls are recorded.  I thanked her and we ended the call.


I am hoping that you can pull this call and listen to Pedro's horrible service. He was disrespectful, hateful, rude, unprofessional and should not be working with customers.  I own a company and if I caught any of my employees treating any of my customers the way he treated me, they would be fired instantly.  This was not only uncalled for but brings your company down.  We are only as good as our help and its employees like this that ruin our companies.  If he treats one customer this way, I hate to see all the others.  Please take the time to review this phone call and teach from it.  I would love to discuss this further with you, if you have any questions.  Pedro should not have a job in customer service!


Thank you,

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Greetings aw_maxwell,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! We’re sorry to hear that not having a positive experience with your recent refrigerator repair that’s being handled by one of our third-party partners. We’d be happy to see what light we can shed on this for you.


We appreciate the time you’ve taken to post to our community regarding the conversation you had with Pedro on Friday. We strive to provide excellent customer service and it’s disappointing to hear that Pedro missed the mark on that for you. We’re happy that you were able to provide this feedback to Michele. Using the information you had shared in your post, I can see that Michele has already taken the time to document your concerns here at our Corporate Office in a formal complaint. This will allow the interaction to be reviewed and any training opportunities to be addressed as well. Please let us know if you have any other questions, or need help with your repair; we’d be happy to help put you into touch with Geek Squad Client Care.



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