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Horrible Customer Service

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I just got home from Best Buy and today was the worst customer service I have recieved.  I purchased a Roomba i7 vaccum on 09/06/2019 with the 2 year Geek Squad protection plan after my previous Roomba had failed.  I also had the Geek Squad Protection plan on it as well.  


To make this short, I went into the local Davenport Best Buy and let the rep know that the issue with my Roomba is that is randomly shuts off after a few minutes.  He told me that it wouldn't be a problem and he can help me and he would process the return. A few moments later, he informed me that the vacuum would have to be shipped away for repair because that is what the computer is telling him and it must be a new update to the Geek Squad protection program because he had never seen that before. I explained to the rep that when I purchased the vacuum and plan, I was told it would be for an instore exchange and its quite inconvenient that I have to be without a vacuum for a few weeks.  I told him, I understand that there maybe a change to their Geek Squad protection plan terms and conditions, but why would it be retroactive to my purchase on 09/06/2019?  He couldn't answer the question, so I requested to speak with a manager.  


He went back into the geek squad repair area and informed that manager that I would like to speak to him in regards to the protection plan.  I overheard the manager say, "what? why does he want to speak to me?" and alot of other things that I quite couldn't make out. The manager, Jason {removed per forum guidelines}, came to the counter and I explained to him my frustration with what the rep was telling me--when I purchased the vacuum and plan, I was told that I could exchange it instore with the Geek Squad Protection Plan, and now I'm being told it has to be mailed in and the process takes 2-3 weeks.  What am I to do for 3 weeks without a vaccum?  And had I known this was the process, I wouldn't have purchased the protection plan.  Jason asked me where I worked and I told him my place of employment, and he continued to tell me that I was speaking in an aggressive manner and that is not how things were done at Best Buy.  If I continued to speak "loudly", he would have to ask me to leave.  In fact, I was not aggressive or loud--I told him I was frustrated that the terms and conditions of the Geek Squad Protection plan were changed retroactive to my purchase and me being in the retail business--I have never seen that happen. And now, I will be without a vacuum cleaner for few weeks. He said the Best Buy is always moving and changing and shrugged his shoulders and told me that there is nothing he can do and that is what he has to follow because that is what the computer is telling him.  But he wouldn't know for sure until it was "processed".  After waiting for another 10 minutes, I was told it was to be mailed in for repair.  

My question is--how did the terms change to apply retroactively to my purchase in 2019? Second, I called 800-433-5778 after I left the store, and the gentlemen said the terms and condition had not changed. I feel the manager could have helped and refused to help because of my ethnicity and where I worked!  



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Re: Horrible Customer Service

If you check the terms of your Geek Squad Protection, you'll see that repair has always been one of the main options.  At the time, we did not have a method to repair so it defaulted to in store replacement.  As capabilities are added, you will see adjustments to Geek Squad's repair procedures.  


The only plans that guarantee a replacement vs. service is those that are specifically called out as Product Replacement Plans.  Anything simply called a Geek Squad Protection Plan has repair as it's first and primary method of fulfillment.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service

I shop at the Davenport store. They have never been discriminatory in any way and are always helpfull. If the rules say they have to send it in, they have to send it in. The manager isn't allowed to make up his own. Plus it's a vacuum, not a defibrillator... Being without one for 2 weeks probably isn't a world ending disaster.....
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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Hi there, hawkeyelove,

First and foremost, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to our community! Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your experience with us here. I can totally understand wanting to get support with your iRobot Roomba as soon as possible, and that you were expecting a particular outcome when bringing that unit in. As jdogg836 mentioned, depending on the device it may have a Geek Squad Protection plan, or unless specifically stated, a Geek Squad Protection Replacement plan. The type of plan would determine the support routes available for the unit, but these routes should be outlined within the Terms and Conditions of your plan.

Based on the type of product you were seeking support with, it sounds like it may have the Geek Squad Protection plan, which would cover repairing your Covered Product. With that said, I would be glad to document your experience and review the Terms and Conditions of your plan to further explore what may be possible! To do so, I will need to gather some additional details.

To get started, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, and email address? You can send a secure message by using the blue button below. I hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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