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Geek squad's "customer service"

My wife and I purchased a Samsung Washer and dryer with a five year warranty in 2015 during the Black Friday sales event. With the sale, warranty, and APR she received for opening her Best Buy credit card, the deal was too great pass on.

Fast forward to about a month or so ago, our dryer began to breakdown and then just stop spinning altogether. We contacted Geek Squad support on a Wednesday and we made an appointment for a tech to come out early Saturday morning. The tech was friendly and seemed genuinely knowledgeable so when he said it was only a broken belt we believed that would fix the issue. He exited after about an hour or so altogether. We ran the dryer and it lasted for a day before it broke again. 

We contacted Geek Squad again the Sunday it broke. I explained to the customer service agent how it is hard to not have an active dryer with a three month old child who goes through clothes constantly. He was geniune in his sincerity but explained the only appointment he had was on the Thursday of that week. He also offered me a $100 best buy giftcard as that was his max. But he did explain to me how Best Buy could reimburse me for any laundry costs we would incur and how they also had a inconvenience clause. He explained that by opening up a case, the case manager could offer us a different sum but could not give me an estimate on what that sum would be.

Thursday came and the tech arrived. To our chagrin, it was the motor. What really upset us was he said that anyone could pretty much tell it was the motor. He ordered the part and said it would arrive in a week. Once again, we contacted customer service since no one contacted me regarding my case which was supposed to be taken care of within 48 hours. The agent offered me $150, but considering all the hassle we endured and were still enduring, I felt as if the sum was not fair and we should have been compensated a little more. She also explained that they do not open up cases for repairs and the gentleman we spoke with was misinformed. She disagreed  with my logic and that essentially ended our conversation.

That Saturday, the motor  arrived unexpectedly. My wife contacted Geek Squad to see if anyone was scheduled to come out and fix the dryer. Of course nothing was scheduled. She scheduled the first available appointment which was Friday, as I work in law enforcement on a 12 hour schedule and the other days did not work. She spoke about compensation and received a different response. Not only was the "customer service" representative rude, but they only offered $50 and did not understand why would felt we deserved anymore. Obviously she disagreed and decided to call again after our dryer was fixed. 

The next day she received an e-mail stating the appt for Thursday morning, essentially after I finished my shift. She also received the email for the appt she did schedule. I explained to her that it was fine, I can handle the lack of sleep. The tech came out, fixed it, and now it runs fine. She contacted customer service again and this time was told she doesnt deserve any compensation and if we incurred any laundrymat fees they would cover it. Obviously that conversation went nowhere.

This is where I am at right now. As longtime customers and people who spend money at Best Buy, I can honestly say these experiences make it quite hard to even want to continue having your credit card and shopping at Best Buy period. The horrendous customer service we tolerated is simply unexcusable and unwarranted as we were the ones who were at a disservice, not the customer service representatives. We received bad information on multiple occassions and there was so much discconnect from one department to the next. I can honestly say we did not expect this from Best Buy. But now that we have experienced this, I can't say we will ever shop at any of your stores again. 

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Re: Geek squad's "customer service"

Hi there, pbianco87,


Welcome to our community.  It wasn’t until my washer and dryer both broke down a few months ago that I realize how essential they are to my everyday life, and I remember how desperate I was to get them fixed as quickly as possible.  I was unhappy to hear you encountered a similar situation, although it sounds like you and your wife jumped through quite a few hoops when you really shouldn’t have had to.  I apologize for our having disappointed you.


That said, I’m glad to hear that your dryer was finally fixed, and that the repair appointment was successfully completed.  I’d like to take closer look at what happened here and formally document your concerns at our Corporate office.  If you will please send me a private message that includes the following information, I’d appreciate it.


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Case number (if you were provided one)


To send me a private message, just click on the blue button in my signature below labeled “Private Message”.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Geek squad's "customer service"

Still no solution thus far and it has been over a month. The customer service department is absolutely horrid. I privated messaged three employees including Sam with still nothing read nor a response. I am beginning to think I need to cancel my Best Buy credit card and contact the better business bureau.
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Re: Geek squad's "customer service"

Hello, Rdbianco,


Thank you for reaching back out to us here. I sincerely apologize that you are still waiting for a followup on this, and I have sent you a private message. I am happy to provide further assistance with your dryer issue there.



Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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