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Geek squad repair nightmare

My wife has been getting a run around on the repair of my daughter's laptop computer.  We took the computer for repair of a keyboard problem, the computer would work but some of the keys would stick.  We got a repair estimate of $164 which was reasonable so we approved it.  When the computer was returned to our store, we started the computer and it booted up but yhre keyboard did not work at all.  We took it back to the store and after they looked into it they said the repair was declined.  NOT TRUE.  So the computer had been back together with the keyboead not seated correctly and witht screws missing and sent to us.  We sent it back again and now got an estimate for over $500 for repairs including keyboard, motherboard and harddrive.  This was their estimate for a compoter that worked when it was initially sent to the Geek Squad and still booted up after they failed to repair it the forst time.  My wife has been on the phone for over an hour, transferred to 3 different departments, cut off completely, waited again to talk to someone and now we are to the point where the computer is being sent back to us unrepaired again and had to ask for an escalation to try to get a working computer for my daughter to take back to school.  I've never had such poor service.

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Re: Geek squad repair nightmare

"Sticky keys" are nearly 100% caused by a liquid spill. When they removed the keyboard to replace it they may have seen addition liquid damage on the motherboard and sent it back unrepaired.
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Re: Geek squad repair nightmare

It booted up when it was given to the Geek Squad the first time and it also booted up and operated when they sent it back unrepaired. it doesn't need an motherboard or hard drive, it just needed a keyboard.  They are just adding unnecessary items to jack up the repair fee.

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Re: Geek squad repair nightmare

Hello King_r,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on this. We’ve been exceptionally busy recently, and it is taking longer than we’d like to respond to everyone.


As a former Geek Squad Agent, I’m disappointed to hear that you had such a bad experience with your repair. As nckhammond noted, keyboard issues are often related to liquid spills, and indicative of deeper damage, so repairs can be more expensive than expected. That said, we never want to return a computer to a client in worse shape than we received it.


I’d like to take a look into your service order to see if I can find any additional information for you about why the computer was shipped back unrepaired after you approved the estimate. What I’d need you to do is send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. Please include your service order numbers from the paperwork you were given when you checked the computer in and the phone number associated with them.


Once I have that I’ll dive in and see what answers we can find.



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