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Geek squad protection plan

THis is the email i sent to geek squad



I Purchased my Samsung Gear in November and the protection plan. My watch stopped holding a charge so I went to the store to replace it. I went to the store at the Forum in San Antonio texas and I was made to pay the difference for an equal swap. What is the purpose of the protection and the slogan . you have my email, name and my phone number is  Customer service I received at the store, on the phone and online was the worse I have ever experienced. I have been an bestbuy customer for years and I now I will never return after this experience.

Product Replacement

If your product stops working, bring it in to us for a replacement.


I have been on the phone and chat with Bestbuy for 3 hours and trying to get a clarification on the policy and an email address for complaints.  Where is the transparency? Why did I have to waste 3 hours of my time to find an answer?


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Re: Geek squad protection plan

hello maylay1 and welcome to the Best Buy forums.

Having a protection plan is always a great benefit towards having a new product just for that extra piece of mind, I myself have a Gear S3 frontier Verizon watch and love it. Geek Squads protection plan should have covered an even exchange so its quiet weird that you had to pay a difference. By chance did you upgrade to a different model? or perhaps your protection plan benefits were used for the exchange and you had to pay the difference for a new protection plan?

On your exchange receipt on the left hand side it should show a number AKA SKU and a product description such as

123456 Gear S3 watch
123456 Geek Squad protection

Then under that should be some wording on exchange and the new product sku

123456 Gear S3 watch
123456 Geek Squad protection plan

For the watch do they match? If not that is probably the reason why you paid a difference. If you have further questions or concerns I would advise to contact your local store and speak with a Geek Squad Agent or Geek Squad Manager and see why a difference had to be paid.
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Re: Geek squad protection plan

Hello maylay1,


Welcome to our community. There is never anything convenient about the failure of a product you use every day. I was unhappy to hear you have had this occur and that the road to getting  a replacement under Geek Squad Protection was not as smooth as you expected. I apologize for our having disappointed you.


poprex911 offers some excellent insight as the the most common reason the pricing for your replacement would have been different and you would have been asked to pay the balance remainging. 


If you have questions or concerns regarding this or need further assistance, please be sure to let me know. Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Geek squad protection plan

I purchased the S3 frontier and i exchanged it for the same things. It was refurbished and when i purchased the watcch i asked the CSR about the warranty and they syayed it did not matter if it fails you will get it replaced with a new or refurbished which ever is at the store.

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Re: Geek squad protection plan

Hello maylay1,


John isn’t available just now, so I’ll be hopping in to assist you.


What you described is almost completely correct, but it does leave out one small caveat. Under the Terms & Conditions of your Geek Squad Protection Plan the value a swap out can only go up to the original amount you paid. That means if the replacement item you got was more expensive than the original item, you would need to pay the difference.


I’d be happy to review your exchange to make sure that it was processed correctly. What I’d need you to do is send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your receipt.


I look forward to hearing back from you so I can check this out.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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