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Geek squad messed up badly again!

Geek Squad again messed up!
I brought my computer in for the 5th time to try to get it fixed.
When I got it back on Sunday, the agent gave it back to me without turning it on and verifying that the computer was working. On Monday, when I turned my computer on, I discovered that all my data was erased and I could not even get onto the Internet. I called the store and the female agent (who told me that she was the Manager) informed me that I refused to have my data backed up. Then she advised me to call the Geek Squad to get my problem fixed. I told her that the Internet was not detected by the computer and she answered that even without internet the Geek Squad agent could remotely access my computer...…?????
For your information, the agent who received my computer when I took it in for repairs, never asked me about backing up my data.  And I was told that he wrote  that I did not want the back up. Before I left the store, I went through  the comments he wrote and never saw that remark. I was only given one page.
Please note that I had already been in tp the Geek Squad 4 times before (for the same issue) and  I would have asked for my data to be backed up at the store if I were asked. Only on my first trip was I was asked about backing up data, and as a result bought an external drive.
I am quite upset with the whole situation because of the lack of professionalism and the lack of knowledge.
I pay Geek Squad every month for support.  When I picked up the computer, the anti virus software was not even installed back; therefore I do not have a anti virus software running.
I was told that the operating system has been changed but my computer is still extremely slow.
I am a Photographer. I have a solo show in few weeks and I have lost a lot of data, To prepare that show is going to be excruciating painful and will take an incredible amount of time since I had so much in my computer and everything has been erased.
Could you please look into this matter. My repairs were not done in a professional way and as a result I lost a lot of my data (private and professional).
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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Re: Geek squad messed up badly again!

Hello @bernieusa


I wanted to drop you a note here to let you know that I have followed up with you via private message. You should be able to see that private message by selecting the orange envelope toward the top of your screen. 


Kindest regards, 

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