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Geek squad laptop repair and lemon policy

I took my laptop in for repair, because of accidental damage. The lcd among other things was changed. When i got it back the lcd was not glued in properly and the touch screen was not working. Hard drive was not connected. That was repaired and sent back. After few days use i noticed that the microphone wasnt working. Contacted geek squad and was told under geek squad lemon policy if a device gets worked on for the same issue twice it qualiies for replacement. But, i have to see the geek squad store manager for that. Which i did, he refused to do it. Who do i contact about this. Is there a expectation department.
Thank you
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Re: Geek squad laptop repair and lemon policy

Hello M84A,


I’m sorry about your laptop! I’m not sure what you ultimately use it for (leisure, school, work, etc.), but I know it can be rather stressful to be without a working computer for any length of time, so it’s discouraging to hear things didn’t go according to plan after turning it in for service. While repair may sometimes take longer than anticipated, it’s clear to me something was missed the first go around if you’re still seeing problems.


As you may know, most Geek Squad Protection plans have a “No Lemon” clause to ensure customers aren’t going through unnecessary repair services. While the exact terms and conditions have changed throughout the years and are specific to the purchase date of your item, please know that any repair services performed due to accidental damage from handling do not qualify towards this benefit. This could explain why local management were unable to honor your request for a replacement and instead asked to send your computer back out for service. I apologize if we failed to properly explain this when visiting your local store.


Although we wouldn’t be able to honor your request, we would be happy to send your computer back out for service if you haven’t already. To ensure a Geek Squad agent is available at the time of your visit, please be sure to schedule a consult online. If you have any other questions about this though, please feel welcome to reach back out.



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