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Geek squad is soooo not worth it

I had two subscriptions to geek squad for two tablets and it is soooo not worth it!
-it took 3+months to fix, each time
-every time I tried to call, they were super hard to get a hold of
-when i finally got a hold of someone they declared my tablets were “unfixable” Best Buy did refund me after months of waiting. I don’t live in the city so when I finally came in from 7 hours north I went there and they had to resend me my refund which came couple weeks later via email
-I also tried to cancel my subscriptions once they were declared broken but he told me I couldn’t because I needed to buy out the contract and when I asked if I was basically stuck paying for two subscriptions for products I don’t have, he told me I could buy another tablet and put it under there...but I dont live in the city and I did buy one of my tablets online but it came broken so I said I wouldn’t buy online again
-I finally made it to the store but I don’t need tablets anymore so I just wanted to cancel and buy out my subscription, he told me they don’t do cancellations there and I need to call to cancel and it doesn’t cost anything to cancel...So i’ve Been paying 22.30 a month for over two years for products I don’t have! I only paid 90$ per tablet...soooo frustrating and poor service!...And to have one person tell you one thing, never again will I use this service...and I will let everyone know about it’s services...My sister had the same issue except she was smart and cancelled the payments from coming out...I should have done that instead
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Re: Geek squad is soooo not worth it

They for sure got 500$ off us, just a huge rip off
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Re: Geek squad is soooo not worth it

Hello unsatisfied1-


If I paid the amount you were speaking about and also continued to pay in 4 times the amount of the original purchase, I’d be frustrated also.  To be honest, being a former Geek Squad Agent myself, I’m shocked to hear about this and you bet I want to get to the bottom of this.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention, here on the Best Buy forums!


With that said, I was unable to locate any purchase history, active plans, or any cases that were opened up on your behalf, using the email provided at registration.  I’ll need to see the plans and purchases you’re speaking about to better understand the situation at hand.  The information that would get me started on the right track would be your full name, phone number, email address, Geek Squad plan number, customer service pins or order numbers for the original receipts. 


This information would be more than enough to see if there are any options available to better assist you.  I’m hoping to hear back from you soon!  Click the blue button in my signature line below to send your private message to me!



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