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Geek squad help or refund

Hi there,

I brought my 2015 Mac book to geek squad for an update. The computer has been lightly used the whole entire time that I’ve had it. I’ve used it for word and the internet every now and then. I needed to install an app so I brought it in to geek squad for an update.

During the appointment consultation I was told it was best to buy the $200 geek squad support that lasts a year. 2 weeks after the update my computer stopped turning on. It took me a while to bring it back in and when I did today I received NO help. The rep pressed the power key a couple times and tried looking for a new charger (never found one). He then looked at me and shurgged his shoulders and said to bring it to a computer repair. He also said It’s common practice to buy a new computer after 4 to 5 years like i was dumb for bringing a 2015 Mac book. I am extremely frustrated because they broke my computer without advising me of the dangers of updating it and now they want me to spend more money or buy a new computer. Is this a normal situation or practice??
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Re: Geek squad help or refund

Refund of the Total Tech Support, if possible, would like require them to charge you for the services rendered.  


As for the comment about computers lasting 4-5 years, I have not found this to be true on Macbook Products at all.  Most In fact, the latest MacOS is compatible all the way back to the 2013 models.  Most PC models, except the slowest "value" models should also well outlast the 4-5 year window quoted.  Like any computer, they can have software issues from time to time.



If the computer worked when you left and stopped 2 weeks later, it was NOT related to the software update. 


Do you have your charger?  I know the store couldn't find one, but wonder if you can find yours.  Does the light on the MagSafe connector light up?  If so, you've definitely got some hope.  


First, I would recommend starting with an NVRAM reset, described in this Apple article.  It's a combinations of buttons you hold down.


If this does not work out, then you can try an SMC reset.  


Both of these reset portions of the low-level system in the computer.  Start with the NVRAM first and check.  Both of these resets *WILL* reset some settings (Screen brightness, trackpad speed, etc.) but will not remove any data from your machine.  


If neither of these work, or the charge does not light up, you may have a more serious HARDWARE issue on your hands.  If the charger doesn't light up, it could just be the charger.  If you know anyone with a spare you could test with, that might be a good thing to check before springing for a new $80 charger.


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Re: Geek squad help or refund

Of course if it's a more expensive repair it may be time to upgrade instead, the hard drive or ssd and battery are only rated 5-7 years on laptops, (apple or pc) with the early generation ssd's only 3-5 years.
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Re: Geek squad help or refund

Hey, Abbycoco,


Thanks for reaching out to us! I'm sorry to hear that you were a bit disappointed by your recent experience at The Geek Squad. Our Total Tech Support membership program is a great way to support ALL of the tech in your home, and I'm sad to hear this was not utilized further in your appointment. 


jdogg836 offered a ton of really great support options on this thread, but if you still need assistance after trying some of these, please let me know. You can also schedule an appointment for more catered solutions.


I'd also be happy to take a closer look into this situation and document any feedback you may have regarding your previous experience. So that I can get started, please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number. 



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