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Geek squad broke my phone - live with it until a new one comes in

I made an appointment for a battery replacement for my Iphone at the Augusta Best Buy on 26 December.  Made a point of going to an authorized Apple service center to make sure I got authorized service. My phone was working fine, but the battery went dead fairly quickly.  I checked the battery status and the display advised me that I needed a replacement.  Got there 15 minutes early for my appointment and then waiting another 20 minutes to see a Geek squad representative.  After performing diagnostics to determine that my battery needed replacement, I paid for the replacement battery and was told it would be ready in 30-40 minutes.  No sweat, right?!


Came back to the service desk after the 40 minutes and Hector, the representative, finally told me that they were still working on my phone, please wait.  So I did...another half hour goes by and Hector tells me that there's some problem with the repair issue and it's being worked on.  ANOTHER period of waiting, in which time people behind me are being accepted into service, some without appointments although others were told that you couldn't be seen without an appointment.  After I had been spent over three hours, I asked to speak to the service manager and was told that she couldn't come out but others could continue to be seen for their service issues.  When I did see the service manager, she informed me that when they replaced the battery there was a problem with the screen and they couldn't fix my phone.  So sorry for the inconvenience but they've ordered a replacement phone and it should be in within 2-3 days.  


I suggested to the service manager that I be given a loaner cell phone but that was not an option for her.  Suggested that since ATT had a presence in the store that we go over there and they could use their incoming functional phone to make a tradein on a new phone for me - was advised that THAT wasn't an option either!  Without even trying to address the situation, I was told that I should leave and do without a phone for the next several days.


I only have one phone.  It is inconceivable to me in this day and age, especially given the COVID environment, that the customer service personnel, would find it satisfactory to send me on my way without any means of communication.  When I asked to speak to the store manager, and did - Jason - I got no other recommendations other than to say "Call the store to find out when it comes in"  - ON WHAT PHONE???  Oh and Jason has TWO phones, so how is that OK to render me phone-less?  Needless to say, Best Buy has seen the last of my business.



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Re: Geek squad broke my phone - live with it until a new one comes in

Hey, touropark,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Thanks for taking the time to create an account to share this experience with us so that we can step in and help. I know how important my mobile phone is to me, so I can understand why you'd want to have it serviced once the battery wasn't holding a charge the way it used to. That's why it hurts me to learn that you trusted us to repair your device, only to learn after hours of waiting for updates that you'd be without a working phone for a few days as we waited for a replacement to arrive. 


As someone who recently had my phone break, I know how frustrating it is to be told to call for an update, especially when the issue is that you don't have another phone to use in the meantime. That's not a position we wanted you to be in, so I can certainly understand why this interaction rubbed you the wrong way.


I'd be happy to take a deeper look into this and see what options we might have to improve your experience. For me to get started, can you use the "Private Message" in my signature to send over your full name, phone number, and email address? Once I have that info, I should be able to look into this further, as well as work with our store leadership on your behalf. You mentioned that you visited our Augusta location. Could you clarify what state this happened in so that I can work with the correct Augusta store?





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