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Geek Squad unable to fix TV

My 2 yr old 65" Sony TV, XBR-65X850C stopped working on June 28, 2018.  I thought I was in luck because I had purchased the Geek Squad (GS) protection plan and that I would have a working TV relatively soon.  As of today, 4 weeks since the TV stopped working, 3 tech visits to my home, a 4th visit schedule for today but now pushed back by GS agent to August 6, my time away from work to be there with the techs, VERY frustrated kids and wife, still no resolution.  Here's how the process has gone:


June 28: TV stops working


June 29: I scheduled a GS visit, they couldn't come out until July 5


July 5: GS tech orders replacement for what he believes is the faulty part.  Tells me they will be back in 1 week to install part


July 12: GS tech informs me that the wrong part was sent.  Need to order correct part.  Tells me they will be back in 1 week to install correct part


July 19:  GS tech install "correct" part.  TV still doesn't work.  GS tech tells me that they will "try" another part but that they won't be back for yet another week.


July 25:  GS tech leaves me a message saying part that was ordered last week is on back order so they won't be coming out tomorrow.  I leave him a message asking him to call me.  He doesn't call me.


July 26:  I get an email from GS saying that they have scheduled my next appointment for August 6 (I had no say in this date)


July 26:  I speak with BB customer service (Priscilla) who was very nice and polite. However, "lemon" policy can't be used because back-ordered parts can't be factored into 30 day fix-it or replace it policy.


Some major issues I have with this process:

                Why does it take BB so long to get parts?

                Why can’t GS diagnose issue correctly the first time?

                Is this how the protection plans work for all products (i.e., computers, refrigerators, etc)?  If so, I have great concern as a future customer.

                As a very loyal BB customer for all of my adult life, I have serious doubts about my future purchases from BB and GS protection plans

We have been without a TV in the main family room area for a month.  Can we survive without a TV, of course.  But after spending $2k on a household item along with a protection plan, I find it ridiculous that it has not been fixed or replaced after 1 month of inoperability.

I am extremely frustrated with Best Buy and the Geek Squad about this process.

The people I have spoken to (techs and customer service) have been friendly but my problem has not been solved.

I really hope that Best Buy will make this right and that it will happen soon. A month is too long.  There is no other product or asset in my home in which this would be acceptable - this should not be an exception.

Thank you - Mike

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Re: Geek Squad unable to fix TV

4 days since my post.  No response from Best Buy here.  I've spent 2+ hours over the last 4 days on hold or talking to "agents" from BB and I get a different answer on how we are going to proceed AND an email this morning that my next house visit from GS has been pushed back to August 8.  I am very disappointed in Best Buy.  I have purchased so much from them over the years including the protection plan for this item and when I need a response/help/remedy/working TV, I feel like I, as a customer, am not important.  One agent told me on the phone Saturday, "Don't you have another TV in your house that works?".  I was offended by that statement and it just added to my disappointment.

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Re: Geek Squad unable to fix TV

The social media team works through a queue, they should be along shortly to respond.
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Re: Geek Squad unable to fix TV

I may have made some headway today.  I spoke with customer service/GS (Sandra) who put me in touch with the "exchange team".  I spoke with Nicole who was extremely helpful, understanding, and thorough.  She initiated the replacement order for my TV and hopefully it will be arriving by the end of the week.

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Re: Geek Squad unable to fix TV

Hello mlamm,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for my late response. We’ve been exceptionally busy recently, and due to that it is taking longer than I’d like to reply back to everyone. We’re doing our best to catch back up with everyone as quickly as we can.


I’m relieved to hear that Sandra was able to get you in touch with our exchange team. Having your television out of commission for so long is a huge inconvenience and I apologize that we weren’t able to find a solution for you more quickly.


It sounds like we were able to find you a solution, but if you do have any other issues pop up I’d be happy to see if I can help you out at all. I’d just need you to send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your name, email address, and phone number. Otherwise, I hope that your new television works out great for you.



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