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Geek Squad repair problems and GSP "like" warranty replacement run around!

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Best Buy Corp, I have been all over the the place with my issue with the Geek Squad and getting my high in gaming machine to be repaired. I made a appointment with the Geek Squad on 1-4-22 for a bad  wireless card and battery issue. I worked with the GS manager on this problem. 3.5 weeks later, I got my system back with a scratched up screen and the battery would not charge to 100%. ( Service order number: {removed per forum guidelines} ) I let the battery drain down to 0%. My system was plugged in for 2 days and it was still at 0%! I made a 2nd appointment at the Geek Squad with the Manager again. I showed him the scratched up screen because the computer was not packaged correctly for shipping. Now, the screen needs to be replaced as well. I also, showed him the non charging battery and gave him details around problem. 


I am a certified Tech. The Best Buy tech that looked at my computer at the service center in KY. This guy did not do any "break fix 101" steps to my computer. If he had done a charge/discharge test on the battery. He would have found out that the battery was defective before the computer was sent out to me! Now, I have to setup another appointment with the Geek Squad Manager. On 3-4-22  I went  back to the store for a 2nd time. (Service order number: {removed per forum guidelines}) I showed the GS manger the non charging battery and gave him details around problem. Again 3.5 weeks later, I found out the charge/discharge test on the battery was not done to fix the problem. The Best Buy Tech in KY did not do any "break-fix 101" steps to my computer for a 2nd time. Plus, I got a note in the computer box from the 2nd tech.( see  image) This made me very mad! After getting the computer back the battery was charged 60% and I charged it to 100%. Then, I  let the battery run down to 0%.  My system was plugged in for 2 days and it was still at 0% power in the battery!  


At this point I have 6 calls into 1-800-geek-squad and 6 hours talking to techs for status and what parts were replaced on the MSI computer. Now, I had to make a 3rd appointment with the Geek Squad on 3-21-22 to show them my machine is still not charging because the defective  battery again for the 2nd time. It was NOT replaced and the charge/discharge  test on the battery was not done to fix the problem by the Best Buy Tech. 


The asst store manager came over and said that he could only give what I paid for the system back as a exchange. I was told when I bought the new system by the Best By sale person.  That I would get the original cost of the system which was $1899.00 not 1399.00 which I paid on a "black Friday special" They said that it would be replace for a "like" system. What a Joke. So, the Asst manger was not understanding at all. When everything was said and done it was going to cost me $1100.00 to get a "like" computer and the warranty. What would you do if your system had been gone for 6.5 weeks over something that could have fixed by the Best Buy service tech . I bought the system with the store credit. the new system was $2400.00 and I paid  $600.00 out of my pocket because I didn't know what else to do. Next, I went to the store where the sales person told me  I would get the original cost of the system which was $1899.00 not 1399.00 which I paid. The asst manager would not do anything for me at all. They did not care about things that I had been through at all. I was so mad that I was expected to spend $1100.00 on-site for a Like product and a GSP warranty. So returned the $2400.00 laptop because, I could afford the $479.00 GSP warranty! I did not want to have a computer without any type of warranty on it!


Since then, I have spend another 5 hours in calls dealing with really dumb off-shore people reading scripts and transferring me around to different  other people. None them what to really deal with my issue or even care because they have my money and my time!.  I have two case number that are open that I have not gotten response from or anybody at Best Buy cares about.  {removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines}.


The bottom line is I am a Best elite plus member and spend a lot of money in the Denver store. I always by the GSP warranty. Not any more after this 3 month nightmare.   What ever happened to good Customer service? Taking responsibility for your sales people and store products? I was just looking for the two mangers to help bridge the gap of $1100.00 for a "Like" product as the GSP warranty! That's all. Is that to much to ask?  



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Re: Geek Squad repair problems and GSP "like" warranty replacement run around!


Thank you for connecting with us about your experience over our forums. I can understand your frustrations with the service you have experienced with your laptop. Our Geek Squad Protection Plans only guarantee repair work or replacement up to the price paid at the time of purchase.  However, I would be happy to talk more with you and see how we can provide a solution to your situation. Please send us a private message including your full name, phone number and order number so that we may take a closer look. Regards 

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