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Geek Squad refuses to acknowledge Sony TV Lemon

After multiple service calls and hours on the phone with both the Geek Squad and Sony, our 55’ Sony TV with a JBL sound bar continues to have issues.


Problems with our Sony TV began in May 2020 after a Sony automatic update installed.

Since then, we have had multiple Geek Squad service and phone calls for these issues:

Rebooting constantly
No input message appearing
Sound bar and TV volume issues
Turning itself off & on
The Main Board has been replaced 3 times.  The issues were resolved except for the TV sound issues and sound bar issues which have been ongoing since the first board was installed. 


We were told by Sony and a 3rd party Geek Squad technician that the sound problems were normal.  Other technicians told us it is not normal nor is it a sound bar issue.


The last Geek Squad technician (after replacing the main board himself twice) deemed it not reparable and escalated the issue.  We were contacted and told it was a Sony Firmware issue that is not covered by the Geek Squad warranty.  This is in conflict with the Geek Squad extended warranty “no lemon policy”.


I would not recommend purchasing a Geek Squad Extended Warranty or a Sony TV.  The 5-year warranty failed us.