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Geek Squad, never again. Best Buy, never again.

Took my iPhone 6s Plus to local Portage MI BB get a battery replacement. The closest Apple store is an hour away. BB is an Apple authorized repair service. After the "repair" the screen started acting up with grey bars across the screen once in a while, now it's every time I touch it. Took it back to Best Buy, one tech said it could be a loose cable, the other said he could offer $180 screen replacement or a $300+ logic board replacement. My phone was in pristine condition. It has always had a case and screen protector. No scratches, dents, chips, cracks, malfunctions in anything.


Now magically, the screen malfunctions, and the customer has to pay. I know that changing the battery is a delicate process and the cable that connects the screen to the phone is very delicate, but no, it's my fault by default. BB can't fix anything other than a battery replacement, the reason, I'm sure, that they tell you thay might have to send to Apple (if they break it during the "repair", since then can't repair it themselves.)


Now I'm out a phone and $30 for the "repair". I don't trust them to give me an honest assessment if I left the phone.


I remember a squad member tossing a just returned item about 5 feet into a cart when I dropped off my phone and wondering why I was trusting them to fix my phone. Ignoring your instincts is a bad idea.


I have been a regular BB customer for over 20 years, but never needed the Geek Squad. 


BB lost this "Elite Member" Just words, no substance in reality. There are many alternatives if they don't want my business.


I want to warn anyone thinking of a battery replacement to avoid the Geek Squad. Just do the right thing and go to Apple, even if you have to drive to a not-so-local Apple Store.


Jumped back to my backup iphone 5 until I can find another phone. Still works after 5 years. 


Nothing like the feeling that you just got ripped off. I hope others will heed my warnings and avoid Best Buy and the Geek Squad.



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Re: Geek Squad, never again. Best Buy, never again.

Hello awdiwo,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. As a former Geek Squad Agent I know that nothing is more frustrating for our client than when a new problem pops up right after a repair like this.


I’d very much like to take a look into your service and see if we have any options to help you out. In order to do that I’d need to review your service order. If you could please send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with your phone number, and service order number if you have it as well, I’d appreciate it.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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