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Geek Squad either lying or inept

Over the past month I have been in contact with Geek Squad trying to get a replacement phone. My timeline is as follows:


October 28 - Call Geek Squad Claims department to request a replacement for my phone (phone call #1). Explain that it's been having problems since January that are now getting worse. Got forwarded to Tech Support department, explained everything to them again, they put a note on my account approving the claim (phone call #2). Got forwarded back to Claims department (phone call #3), went over shipping and payment details, was told that there was a ~$1000 deposit required to get a device sent to me, and that there would be a ~$200 service fee if this happened again, i.e. that there was no service fee for this claim. My credit card information was taken, I was told I'd receive an email within a couple of days.

November 4 - No email received, no credit card charges appeared. I called back, and was told that they had no record of call #3 ever happening, no notes on my account, nothing. Went through claims process again, but was told there would be a $200 replacement fee. I did not agree to this claim now, because this conflicted with the information I was given on October 28, i.e. that there was no replacement fee this time. An investigation was started into tracking the missing phone call.

November 6 - Received a phone call, was told that the investigation was ongoing and that I should expect results soon.

November 19 - Still no results; I called them back, and was told that there were still no further updates on my account. Received a phone call later that day, stating very clearly that they have searched and found no trace of phone call #3 in their system, and I was assured that they keep track of every incoming and outgoing phone call. The person I spoke to raised concerns that I gave my credit card information to this person that they have no record of. Was told that a replacement would cost $200 - I decided to take a few days to think about it.

November 23 - I called them back, asking if I could upgrade my device for an additional fee on top of the $200 replacement fee, e.g. have them replace my defective Pixel 1 with a Pixel 2. I was told I could do this if I go to a physical store.

November 24 - Visited a physical store, was told that I was given incorrect information over the phone, that they cannot do an upgrade that way. Called Geek Squad later that day, agreed to a phone replacement. Received confirmation email immediately. Asked agent to put a note on my account to call me back if any further information from the investigation showed up, i.e. I wanted to know if my credit card information was lost and I needed to replace my cards.

November 27 - Received a phone call, was told that they found a record of phone call #3, was assured yet again that they keep track of every incoming and outgoing phone call.


On November 19 I was told very clearly that they had searched and found no record of the missing phone call, where I was promised a replacement phone at no fee. On November 27, after agreeing to the $200 replacement fee, I was told very clearly that they found the phone call that they previously said was missing.


Either I'm being lied to by someone, or Geek Squad truly has no idea what's going on.