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Geek Squad and repair

I have a question. I live in Wilson, North Carolina and I'm thinking of sending my computer to your shop (maybe). But here's my question: how much will you cost to fix possible hardware problems in my computer (it's a Dell Inspiron 24 Model 3455, the warranty having been expired for over a year now; as far as I'm concerned, my computer issues might be either my power supply or the CD/DVD ROM optical disk drive) and how long will it be in repairs before I can get it back? The last thing I wanna do is send my computer to get fixed and let it stay in the shop for 2-3 weeks. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Geek Squad and repair

According to their Web site you pay a flat rate of 85$ they send it out for repair and then you pay for the parts, I'm guessing at least a couple weeks.