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Geek Squad Warranty

I usually buy Geek Squad (GS) warrantty when I buy from Best Buy, although I never had to use one until two weeks ago. 


I had bought a Refrigirator from Best Buy Appliance Outlet and got extra GS warranty with it.


Fridge suddently stopped cooling, everything melted slowly over a day April 27 2021 and called best buy GS warranty, the earliest they could have someone to take a look was two days later. The contractor was "a & e factory service". I contacted them, nothing available sooner than 2 days, Friday April 29th 8-12 window. I waited and no one showed up, no one called. I called a & e at about 11:00 am and they claimed 'no one was home' which is not true. I then made several calls to a & e pleading for someone to come out still as we have no fridge and it's Friday and I've been waiting home for them! they said earliest is Tuesday May 4th.


I called GS support who in turn put me on hold and called a & e then got back to me and said a & e said they came buy to my house and no one was home, which is false and I have cameras. Plus, what's my benefit not to be home!? We need the fridge fixed immediately! At that point I asked GS support to find me a different contractor, my warranty is with GS not with a & e, the best the agent was able to do is to put in a request to dispatch and I 'will get a phone call within 24hr to be re-assigned'.  No one from best buy GS called back, no dispatch, no follow up. 


I ended up waiting for a & e on tuesday, they showed up. couldn't fix it, ordered parts and said they'll come back 8 days later Wedensday May 12th (Today at time of this post).... They apparently ordered parts to my address as I received a couple of boxes over the last week.  Given the incident with missed appointment the first time, I pre-emptively called a & e day before, (May 11th) reminding them of their appointment.. Which I'm glad I did because I was not on their list as they promised when they came.. they had no clue and I was not on the books... the representative booked appointment for Today May 12th, 8 - 12 window.  


Comes Today, waited and waited....and no one showed up..again. I called them, they said we sent the tech a message to come yet no one came. Then a & e called saying they have no technician today in the area, earliest they can re-schedule is Saturday May 15th 10 - 2 window!!  I didn't know what to tell this person. How can they explain their selves and their horrible service. I asked them what guarantees someone will show then? he couldn't answer. I asked for a technician's phone number and he couldn't provide it. 


So the fridge under warranty still not fixed for over two weeks, have no guarantees for any fix comes Saturday May 15th and won't be surprised anymore if more mishaps happen.


Me and my family are extremely disappointed and frustrated with what we have to go through. When I called best buy they couldn't help and no person called back to re-assign. They referred me to call a & e again...


Best buy should drop a & e factory service. I just left them a review worthy of their dismal service and not to my suprised they had over 1300 reviews on google averaging 1.3 stars.


I expected better service and reputation from Geek Squad and I will not be getting any warranty with Geek Squad moving forward.



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Re: Geek Squad Warranty

Hi there, luay!


Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. As a refrigerator is a constantly used appliance, I can understand wanting to have your unit working as it should ASAP. 


I am happy to look into this further! To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 




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