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Geek Squad Uninstalled Software

Major issues with Best Buy/Geek Squad and this is my first experience with them; and will most likely be my last if this is the result.

My MS Surface had Windows 10 Update issues and brought it into to be looked at last week. They told me that they would need to force install Windows 10 update etc. In the process of the fixing, uninstalls, reinstalls, they uninstalled all of my Microsoft Office Apps.

When I reached out to Geek Squad with the issue and remote tech, they needed a MS Office account.The CPU I received as a demo from Microsoft when I worked there and as a result, was never bought OR given a MS Office account where the keys were kept.

Since I don’t have a MS Office account, they wouldn’t reinstall my applications even though it was their fault that they are no longer present on my CPU. When I offered to create a new MS Office account, they refused to install MS Office as they don’t give out versions of MS Office for free.

Even though it is their fault that I no longer have the desktop versions of MS Office (and this was not told to me would be a risk), they would not offer to reinstall on their budget.

I have all of the Geek Squad Tag Numbers, etc and am thinking of bringing this to the Better Business Bureau if it is not corrected

What are the next steps?
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Re: Geek Squad Uninstalled Software

Hello, bialexan,


Few things are more frustrating than computer updating issues, and I’m sorry to hear that you went through these issues with your Surface, and ended up losing the comped copy of Office that you had on it.


Please know that as part of any repair process, the customer is responsible for making sure that all data is backed up and in the event that a program needs to be deleted, that they have the necessary access to re-install that program.  While I’m sure this is what you want to hear, but that would mean that we would be unable to provide a copy of MS Office to replace a copy that you received free as part of a former job, and were not provided product keys to access it.  Our only recommendation would be to contact your former employer to see if they would be willing to provide it again. 


My apologies for any disappointment that this may cause you.



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Re: Geek Squad Uninstalled Software

I agree with geek squad on this one. 99.9% of the time office is tied to your Microsoft account and can be reinstalled by simply logging back in. They (or anyone else for that matter) would have no way of knowing or reinstalling a magical office key that you didn't actually buy.